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January 07, 2018
Leadership In The Digital Age: Considering The 3C's
By Jessica Cabeen
Earlier this year, the TEC Center asked early childhood educators, libraries, museums, home-daycare providers, parents, and children's media developers to connect how the work of the TEC ...
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January 07, 2018
Forget Resolutions. Try This Instead
By Josh Linkner
Each January, millions of people resolve to a slew of lofty commitments. We resolve to save more, eat less, improve our relationships, and hit the gym. The idealistic goals span from fitness to career; ...
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January 06, 2018
Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation
By Jeanine Pirro
Never in the history of this country has a candidate for any major office skirted the law, pushed the legal envelope or been under criminal investigation as much as Hillary Clinton.
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January 03, 2018
Steve Constantino becomes acting state superintendent of public instruction
By Dr. Steve Constantino
Steve Constantino, a former Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools superintendent, has become the acting state superintendent of public instruction for ...
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January 03, 2018
Is Multitasking An Asset Or A Liability?
By Ian Altman
Is there such a thing as productive multitasking? What does neuroscience tell us about our productivity of the best multitaskers?
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January 03, 2018
The Waze of Great Leadership
By Thomas C. Murray
Being one who travels virtually every week, I often find myself in remote locations, driving to hotels I’ve never seen, in a town I’ve never been. Upon landing at the closest airport, I’ll typically grab my ...
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January 01, 2018
In the News 2018
By Thomas C. Murray
September Transforming Education: Thomas C. Murray Discusses the Future of Education and What Our Number One Job is, Teach Better, Link The Future is Bright with Tom Murray [Podcast], Edu Potion, Link August Canada’s ...
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December 28, 2017
How Gatekeepers Can Be Your Greatest Asset To Reach Executives
By Ian Altman
If you think of gatekeepers as the enemy, think again. With the right approach, they might become your greatest ally.
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December 26, 2017
I Eat at Cracker Barrel and I Wear Jimmy Choo Shoes
By Lisa Guillermin Gable
I defy your algorithms, Silicon Valley. I eat at Cracker Barrel and I wear Jimmy Choo shoes. OK, not simultaneously, but after a week of cocktail parties in D.C., killing my ...
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December 21, 2017
Human Christmas Tree
By Josh Sundquist
Human Christmas Tree

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