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Bill Daggett: The State of Public Education in America
Bill Daggett: Bill Daggett: Fairview Park City Schools
Bill Daggett: What Success in Education Means for Students and Educators

Bill Daggett

President of the International Center for Leadership in Education

About Bill Daggett

Bill Daggett, Ed.D., is the founder of both the Successful Practices Network and the International Center for Leadership in Education. He is recognized worldwide for his proven ability to move preK-12 education systems towards more rigorous and relevant skills and knowledge for all students. For 30 years, he has crisscrossed our nation, as well as the industrialized world, to lead school reform efforts to effectively prepare students for their future.

While an avid supporter of public education, ...

PERFECT is the best word to describe our day with Dr. Daggett. He nailed it!! Thank you for all the organization. I will be using your group in the future.

Dr. Joyce Stewart, Associate Superintendent - Everett School District

Your morning program provided a thorough overview of the challenges we face in providing an educational program that will properly prepare our students to achieve success in a global society.

Karen E. Jez, Superintendent - Titusville Area School District, Pennsylvania

Dr. Daggett's work has been an inspiration to anyone who wants to make the changes needed to move education into the 21st century. He has given concrete direction for why we need to change and helped with process to lead us in the right direction.

Mary Bruno, Director of Career, Technical and Community Education - Volusia County Schools, Florida

You certainly helped make the conference professionally rewarding for all of us. We appreciate the quality of your thoughts and your energizing presentation style.

James H. Collins - Director of Professional Development - Magellan Foundation/SAANYS, New York

Bill's work has been the foundation upon which we developed our strategic plan which includes our mission, vision, and values. These drive our district as we continue to welcome the challenges of educating students for the 21st century.

Ada Grabowski, Ph.D., Superintendent - Albion Central School District, NY
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