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We were extremely pleased with Dr. Miller and his presentation. He is such a friendly, down-to-earth kind of person. He was very funny and delivered a message that was perfect for the occasion. It is also appreciated when a speaker respects our timeline.
Tammy Stringer - Katy Independent School District - Partners in Education
What a great approach to a topic everyone was able to relate to. Your sense of humor combined with a poignant approach to the impact culture has on creating relationships was incredible. Closing our meeting with Refrigerator Rights was perfect!
Event Planner - McNeil Pharmaceuticals
Your talk was an inspiration to us all . . . I will spend the entire weekend sitting on my front stoop reading Refrigerator Rights out loud to my neighbors.
Event Organizer - Pennsylvania Public Transit
Will's teaching about the impact of popular culture on stress offers a unique and incisive analysis of the challenge of the modern lifestyle. And since these powerful ideas are wrapped in stand up comedy, the reaction is always positive.
Event Planner - Merrill Lynch
Thanks again for such a fantastic presentation at our state conference. You really set the tone for what became a great couple of days. The evaluations were all glowing in their praise of you!
Planner - Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators' Association
You did an outstanding job as our keynote speaker for our Annual Claims Conference. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. You entertained us and made us reflect on the important things in life, the people who have and need 'Refrigerator Rights.' This was truly an event to remember.
Revida Glover - Tennessee Farmers Insurance Companies
Wow! You were an incredible success at our All Utility Meeting. In fact, as anticipated, you were the main event. I have attached our feedback from the meeting. You will note that you received the highest rating, and people continue to comment on your presentation. It was a privilege and a joy to meet you. I hope our paths cross again.
Nancy Halverson - Systems West
Outstanding! Entertaining! Great coup to get Will Miller!  These are some of the words our participants used to describe your visit to our annual United Way State Leaders Conference. You provided a terrific opening for our conference and gave folks a lot to think about besides... Thanks for bringing your energy and insights to United Way in Indiana.  It will be tough to top you next year.
Lisa Hanger - Indiana United Way
Will was a great speaker!  He was very well received.  He was very humorous and had a very special message to deliver at the same time.  I had many people tell me that it was just what they needed...I also highly recommend Dr. Will Miller and would be willing to be a reference for others who might be considering him.
Kitty Kincaid - Goodrich Aerospace
Seriously, thank you very much for giving such an outstanding presentation, in spite of the power outage. The audience was really enjoying your talk prior to "the event," and we greatly appreciate how you hung in there and finished by the light of an emergency lamp. You are a real trooper.
Jim Oster - IBM
Will, thank YOU for the fantastic presentation! It was so refreshing to see a speaker interested in our group and join in the festivities (I'm sure it assists you when you speak to the group too). Dr. Miller was captivating; his message was delivered perfectly with humor and significance to our group.
Inland Northwest AGC Education Center
Your presentation in San Antonio during our national sales meeting was fantastic. I received nothing but positive reviews about you from my group. "Awesome," "humorous," excellent" and "knowledgeable" were just a few of the comments. As the keynote speaker closing out our first day, you provided exactly what we were looking for - an energetic and humorous yet meaningful and applicable presentation. It's hard to keep 250 people engaged at the end of the day but you managed to do so. Thank you
Lincoln Financial Group
Thanks again for such a fantastic presentation at our state conference. You really set the tone for what became a great couple of days. The evaluations were all glowing in their praise of you!
Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators' Assoc.