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Wayne Allyn Root

Capitalist Evangelist and Serial Entrepreneur #1 National Best-Selling Author

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
About Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root has been branded by media across the globe as "the Capitalist Evangelist" and "Mr. RELENTLESS" for his energy, enthusiasm and passion for business and entrepreneurial success! His titles include CEO, CR and HEB- for "Chief Rainmaker" and "Human Energizer Bunny." His latest business book, "The Power of RELENTLESS!" was the #1 business bestseller in America, according to CEO-READ. Billionaire business legend Steve Forbes named it as one of his favorite business books of the year ...

Wayne Root teaches what being an entrepreneur is all about . . .

Charles Schwab, Chairman & CEO - The Charles Schwab Corporation

Wayne's . . . the Warren Buffett of his world.

James J. Cramer, CNBC Host - Host of "Mad Money"

Wayne Allyn Root's (advice) should be required reading in every business school in America. And Wayne's wisdom may be even more important to the 100 million or so employees in corporate America hopeful of achieving the "American Dream."

Ronald L. Loveless, Former Assistant to the President of Wal*Mart - Former Senior V.P., General Manager, Sam's Clubs

As a former 2-time AFC Coach of the Year, I've designed many winning game plans in my career. Wayne Allyn Root has designed a winning game plan for anyone in business. He is the entrepreneurs' entrepreneur. His passion is contagious.

Ron Meyer, Former NFL Head Coach - New England Patriots & Indianapolis Colts

Wayne takes you through a full range of emotions as he tells the story of his quest for success and the obstacles he had to face. The highlight of this excellent presentation was the ending, which had most of his audience in tears.

Joe Sugarman, Chairman - BluBlocker Sunglass Corporation

Wayne Root is perhaps the best I've ever heard. Whether he's talking about business, success, personal empowerment, or politics, Wayne gives audiences the jolt of their lives. He is a human dynamo . . . a walking, talking Energizer Bunny.

Douglas Miller - Corporate Executive, CEO, COO, CFO
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