VJ Smith

VJ Smith

Author of the book "The Richest Man in Town"

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Brookings or Phoenix , SD, US
About VJ Smith

V.J. Smith has been a professional speaker for more than a decade. He is also a published author.

Smith has also been a bill collector, solar collector salesman and a fundraiser. "Being a child of the early '70s, it took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to do with my life," he says.

As for his speaking ability, he credits that with growing up with three brothers and four sisters. "You had to learn to talk loud and fast or you didn't get much to eat," Smith muses. Drawing on his lifetime ...

Your visit was meaningful and captivating to our students. It was evident that your message was well-received by students and staff alike and was helpful to our mission of promoting positive character in our community.

Dan Huff - North Butler Middle School Principal

Thanks for making the American Bankers Association's National Agricultural Bankers Conference one of the most moving experiences ever! I have never seen 800 people so raptly attentive in my life! You had them from the first Thank you!

John Blanchfield - American Bankers Association

You really got to the students. Kids I never thought could be touched, were telling me they are sending you a letter and want to read your book. Thanks so much for inspiring our kids and shedding new light on my perception of their attitudes.

Angie Lynch - O'Gorman High School

Personally and professionally your message was the best that I have heard in my years as an educator.

Anton J Class - Platte Community Schools
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