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Vince Papale brings an enthusiasm, passion and energy to each and every crowd we've presented him to. His story is both inspirational and motivational and leaves every group he speaks with uplifted. We are proud to be working with Vince!
Mollie Plotkin & Ellen Barkann - The Philadelphia Sports Group
You made a difference to the entire VMS family. It is because of people like you that our schools are successful. As Principal of VMS, I am extremely proud to work with such wonderful people in our community. You help put the pride in "Viking Pride."
Diane Young - Principle, Voorhees Middle School - New Jersey
Thank you so much for your donation. It was a big hit!!! We raised over $10,000 today, all of which will go directly to help 5 children with pediatric brain cancer and their families. My cousin and her husband were so grateful for your generous support.
As a lifetime fan of our version of your game, I wanted to let you know that you have a new fan at the bottom of the South Pacific. I especially liked what I saw in the way you played footy with your mates in the rain the week of a big game.
Dr. Paul Hirini - Tauranga, Aotearoa/New Zealand
Hey Vince, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for your great work on Radio Row at the Super Bowl. You did a tremendous job with all of the interviews, and as always, I appreciated your professionalism and your high energy level.
Chip Namias-President - Athlete & Event Sports Public Relations
Thank you for your motivational dissertation during our day of drug and alcohol awareness. Your instructional background and experience with teenagers was very evident during your presentation.
Pennsville Public School District
It is a pleasure to meet and speak with someone who has participated in professional sports and knows what a privilege it is to be so gifted and motivated to be able to perform. And, not only to perform, but perform as well as you did.
Union League of Philadelphia
Your message to our students was loud and clear. Hopefully, it will have a lasting effect. All feedback that I received from students and faculty and staff, concerning the luncheon and assembly was positive. Thanks again for your excellent presentation.
William Penn School District
What else can I say . . . you were great! I received calls at the house this morning from parents who thought you were super!
Thanks for an inspiring and motivational speech. You are a true living legend.
U.S. Healthcare/HMO