Valerie Greene | World Renowned Stroke Coach & Motivator.  Author.  Survivor.

Valerie Greene

World Renowned Stroke Coach & Motivator. Author. Survivor.

Valerie Greene
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Valerie Greene Conquering Stroke
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The Power of the Human Spirit

No matter what shape or form our challenges arrive, we have a choice - to become bitter or better.

Throughout our lives, we are all faced with challenges and adversity. Being able to tap into our inner strength and courage can sustain and propel us to accomplish what may seem impossible.

Allow the power of the human spirit to move you through your challenges so you can climb every mountain with success!

Conquering Stroke

- Stroke is the #1 cause of adult disability in America and the 3rd cause of death.

- Every 45 seconds someone in America has a stroke and every 3 minutes someone dies.

- Stroke effects women 2.5 times more than breast cancer.

We must be informed!

As a two time stroke survivor, I reveal the treatments to my successful recovery and educate on detecting a stroke and ways to preventing having one.

A must for any organization looking to educate, inspire and protect their employees.

Seeing Adversity As An Opportunity

As a young sucessful businesswoman, having a massive stroke was not on my list of things to do.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I would go from laying in a hospital bed, paralyzed; with no voice - to becoming a worldwide symbol of hope, national spokesperson and two time author.

See adversity as an opportunity.

Valerie Greene
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Valerie Greene

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