Tyler Tarver

Tyler Tarver education, teacher baller, youtube Tyler Tarver education, teacher baller, youtube

Tyler Tarver Bio

Tyler Tarver, Ed.S is the Dean of NLC College. He has a wife named Amanda, and three kids with various names. Tyler speaks at conferences across the country on various topics related to teaching, administration, efficiency, technology, social media, and culture. He has amassed over 14 million views on YouTube and 60k subscribers. He also created and maintains TarverAcademy.com, where he helps students/teachers with math, tech, and an assortment of educational needs. He's written 3 books, produces podcasts, made award winning short films, is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Innovator, Google Certified Trainer, Google Level 1 & 2 Educator, Apple Foundations Certified Trainer, Google Forms Expert Team Member, has been featured on PBS, and also been featured on Tosh.0 four times. He's been a teacher, facilitator, principal, and Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Communications, Personnel, and Technology. Tyler loves teaching students, helping teachers, and building community and conversation around improving and innovating education to help students.

Tyler is a Dean of an HBCU College located in Arkansas. He's been an Education Week Feature, 2-Time Arkansas Best-of-the-Best Videographer of the Year, 16 to Watch in 2016, Sync Magazine Cover Story, Democrat Gazette Feature, News Story on "Making Math Fun", host of the Education Academy Podcast and the Explain Everything Podcast. Through publishing 1000s of free math, education, Google, and culture videos to help student and teachers, Tyler has gotten the opportunity to learn and share with millions of learners around the world. He's keynoted or spoken at ISTE Conference, Google for Education Breakout Speaker (ISTE), Google Innovator Energizer, Odysseyware Learning Summit, TiCal: Tech for Admin Leadership, Schools Without Walls, MidSouth Google Summit, Henderson University, Blast Conference, i2 Innovation Institute, edWeb Learning Bird, AAAE Conference, Collide Conference, and many more. He's also a TESS certified administrator and has a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Arkansas.

Tyler believes education is the great unifier and can change society for the better. The right culture is the most important thing a school can control to help motivate, empower, and equip young people to be successful in today's world. Take control of your classroom and help guide students to become the hero in their life, family, and community. With the right actions, resources, and motivation, teachers can create an engaging and learning-filling classroom environment. Utilizing technology and social media to help our students build the skills they need to excel in whatever job market the future brings. Being kind, hard-working, and positive can go further than any other motivator young people can hear, they just need the right person in their story to help them them listen.