Tyler Tarver

Tyler Tarver education, teacher baller, youtube Tyler Tarver education, teacher baller, youtube
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Tyler Tarver: Speaking Reel
Tyler Tarver: Facts About the White House
Tyler Tarver: Creating in the Classroom
Tyler Tarver: Student Slang Words & What they Really Mean
Tyler Tarver: What Books Should Teachers Read?

Tyler Tarver

Ed.S - Ranked Top 100 YouTube Educator, Google Innovator, Apple Distinguished Educator, Author, Producer, Podcaster, Founder of Tarver Academy

About Tyler Tarver

Tyler Tarver, Ed.S is the Dean of NLC College. He has a wife named Amanda, and three kids with various names. Tyler speaks at conferences across the country on various topics related to teaching, administration, efficiency, technology, social media, and culture. He has amassed over 14 million views on YouTube and 60k subscribers. He also created and maintains TarverAcademy.com, where he helps students/teachers with math, tech, and an assortment of educational needs. He's written 3 books, produces ...

Awesome PD! Energetic and kept our attention! I got many great ideas!

Alicia - High School Teacher

You are so inspirational. "You make me want to be a better teacher.

Amber, - Teacher

So practical, so useful, so entertaining

Traci - Teacher

Tyler is constantly positive and upbeat as well as super engaged. He is extremely knowledge of the material and explains it where anyone can understand.

Caleb - Educator

This was probably my favorite PD that I have ever been to. Incredibly informative, engaging (without annoying activities), and practical (so many useful resources). Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and expertise!

I love your honesty and experience about how this stuff is ACTUALLY used in education!

Charlie - Principal
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