Troy Kemp

Troy Kemp, Education education, building men Troy Kemp, Education education, building men

Troy Kemp Speech Topics

Masculinity, Mental Health And Wellness

In this presentation, we will examine the socio-emotional lives of boys. I will also share how nurture and culture often creates a false vision of manhood and the challenges to becoming a man today. The presentation will include the latest trends, research and strategies for helping boys become...

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Winning By Design

In this workshop participants will explore essential elements that are necessary for helping students overcome obstacles as they develop a winning growth mindset and love of learning. I will also share best practices and a framework for participants to evaluate and improve the experience students...

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The Art And Science Of Creating Champions

A coach’s effectiveness can not be measured using a scoreboard. When we get it right, we change lives by creating a transformative experience for our players AND their families. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of coaches who lose boys while trying to win games. Coaches have become...

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Power Steering

Would you like to have better results while creating less stress at home? Would you like to know how you can influence your children and others to rise to every challenge? Most people teach the way they learned and parent the way they were raised, but every good parent and educator knows there is...

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Reaching and Teaching Boys

Reaching and Teaching Boys equips participants with information and tools that are necessary to successfully raise and educate boys. The presentation is designed to help participants understand how nature, nurture and culture influence the way boys experience and interact with the world.


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Educator, Coach and Parent Talks

• The Minds of Boys and Girls
• Masculinity, Mental Health, and Wellness
• Under the Influence: What Every Trusted Adult Needs to Know About Screen Time and Social Media
• Trauma, Brain Development, and Behavior
• How to Improve Communication, Motivation, and Accountability
• Motivating Marginal...

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Student Talks

• 5 Lessons Learned in Leadership
• Game Plan - How to Turn Distress into Success
• Pigeons and Eagles

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