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Troy Kemp, Education education, building men Troy Kemp, Education education, building men
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Troy Kemp

Passionate, Award-Winning Educator, Coach, Speaker, and Transformational Leader

About Troy Kemp

Troy Kemp is a passionate, award-winning educator, Hall of Fame coach, and transformational leader. Mr. Kemp was raised as one of 6 children, in a single parent, migrant worker’s home in Riverhead, NY. The former collegiate football player’s education includes earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Colgate University and a master’s degree in independent school leadership from Vanderbilt’s Peabody College.

Troy’s career includes spending 24 years on the ...

Troy Kemp is an engaging and inspiring speaker who truly understands the challenges that young people face today. He provides practical solutions to building relationships and motivating students to continuously become a better version of themselves.

Jill Levine, Chief of Innovation and Choice - Hamilton County Schools

What an amazing presentation and a gifted presenter! Troy Kemp gave us amazing content, relevant data, insightful advice and instruction, and practical ideas, all in a highly engaging speaking and presentation style. Phenomenal experience! I have already begun implementing some of the ideas Troy gave us for parenting our son and building him up to be the young man God intended for him to become.

Administrator - Holy Innocents Episcopal School

Troy Kemp delivered what was by far the best keynote that our audience of young student-athletes, coaches, educators and parents has ever seen. Full of energy, entertainment and mind altering knowledge relevant to the best practices for educating and raising boys.

Joel Franklin - Legacy Global Sports

Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to hear many great presenters and speakers and none have been better than Troy Kemp.

Educator - Toledo, OH

Troy's presentation was exceptional. Informative, high-energy, and full of practical tips on how to engage and move the needle when working with young people. He is credible at educating individuals of various backgrounds and ages who need help understanding a new generation of talent.

Marie Webb, VP of Human Resources - Electric Power Board

Troy Kemp is a master speaker. He integrates his hands-on experience working with boys from all backgrounds with anecdotes that the audience is able to use to enhance their own relationships with their loved ones. Among the dozens of speakers I have heard speak on the issues of boys and men, Troy is the only one I have invited to co-facilitate with me for a weekend on the boy crisis--in June of 2020.

Warren Farrell, Ph.D. - Author, The Boy Crisis
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