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Troy Kemp, Education education, building men Troy Kemp, Education education, building men

Troy Kemp Bio

Troy Kemp is a passionate, award-winning educator, coach, speaker, and transformational leader. Mr. Kemp was raised as one of 6 children, in a single parent, migrant worker's home in Riverhead, NY. The former collegiate football player's education includes earning a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Colgate University and a master's degree in independent school leadership from Vanderbilt's Peabody College..

Troy's career includes spending 27 years on the faculty at McCallie, an all-boys school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At McCallie, Mr. Kemp served as a teacher, dorm parent and administrator, while coaching his teams to a state championship in football and eight titles in lacrosse. After a year of serving as associate headmaster at McCallie, Troy became the founding executive director of the National Center for the Development of Boys (NCDB). The NCDB was established to improve the lives of boys by providing resources and programs for parents, teachers, mentors and organizations committed to helping with their learning and development as they journey to manhood.

In 2019, Troy joined the staff of the Ron Clark Academy (RCA), in South Atlanta. At RCA, Mr. Kemp serves as the Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships and an educator trainer during the school's professional development events. Through his business, Troy Kemp Speaks, Mr. Kemp continues to provide keynotes, seminars and professional development for individuals and organizations around the world. To date, his virtual and in-person events have reached over 40,000 parents, educators, coaches, counselors, mentors, members of law enforcement and professional sports organizations in 40 states and 5 countries.