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Trevor Muir

  • Author of "The Epic Classroom"
  • "School Should Take Place in the Real World"
  • Storytelling, PBL Expert, Authentic Education

I have seen time and time again a hidden brilliance in the students I encounter in my classroom. For too long this brilliance has been stifled by a system that represses creativity and innovation with rows, textbooks, and lectures. But I am part of a tribe of people working to unleash the potential of every student we encounter by rethinking and retooling what this system looks like.

Speaker Media

Learning Should Be Epic
NTAC 2013 Ignite Talk
School should take place in the real world, TEDxSanAntonio
The Day I Quit Math
Teaching is Tiring (and worth it)
Speech Topics
  • The Epic Classroom

    Is there any point in learning something if you’re just going to forget it? And this begs a bigger question: if ... View More

  • Superhero Mountain Climbers and How to Make Learning Authentic

    A student’s potential for success is often measured using grades, and quite often this measure misses the whole picture ... View More

  • Story-Centric Learning- Workshop

    Storytelling is essential to the human experience. This medium of communication is not only proven to be the best way ... View More

  • Project Based Learning 101- Workshop

    Trevor’s PBL 101 course was developed after years of working in a New Tech project based learning school, as well as ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Trevor is a dynamic speaker who fuses humor, thoughtful insights and powerful storytelling into his sessions and keynotes. He understands what truly matters and conveys it in a way that is powerful and approachable. Audience members leave feeling both inspired and empowered.
  • John Spencer- Author, speaker, and professor - George Fox University.
  • As a talented education professional, Trevor brings his dynamic, energetic personality to all that he does. His thoughtfulness, concern and compassion for his students is matched with his broad subject matter knowledge and ability to engage others. Trevor represents the excellence of spirit and dedication to the teaching profession that is often hard to come by.
  • Ron Houtman- Ed Tech Consultant, Director - REMC8, MACUL Board Member
  • Trevor works hard and is dedicated. He brought so much energy and excitement to our stage!
  • Chris Sandovol, Chair of Programming - TEDx San Antonio

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