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Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman, Motivational, Women in Business, Authors, Body Language FNC, body language, O'Reilly, Oreilly Tonya Reiman, Motivational, Women in Business, Authors, Body Language FNC, body language, O'Reilly, Oreilly
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Tonya Reiman

Body Language Expert, Author of The Power of Body Language & The YES Factor

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About Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman is a Nonverbal Communication Specialist. She is a media personality, keynote speaker, consultant and corporate trainer. In addition, she has authored three books: The Power of Body Language, The YES Factor and The Body Language of Dating.

She has provided expert body language analysis and knowledge of communication in print, radio and various TV media such as Fox News Channel, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, EXTRA, and Fast Money. Furthermore, she contributes ...

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Non-Verbal Communication - Body Language- Your body speaks louder than your voice.

Body language or non-verbal communication makes up approximately 75% of all communication. Did you know that you can determine if a person is lying by a subtle shift in their eyes. You can learn if they are ...

Effective Communication:

Communication is the golden key to so many doors in both your business and personal life. Becoming an effective communicator can literally be a life changing experience. How do you become a powerful ...

Influence and Persuasion

What the Ability to Influence Can Do for You! Become a personal magnet, enhancing your charisma... people find you fascinating. Gain compliance, almost as often as you want. Manage your emotional state and ...

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The Body Language of Dating by Tonya Reiman
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After seeing Tonya on Fox, I booked her to do a talk at a lunch for my Wealth Management Clients. She tailored the talk to my guests, and they absolutely loved it! Tonya had her audience on the edge of their seats for the entire talk.

Michael Axelrod - Northwestern Mutual

Tonya was a wonderful speaker at our conference. She was energetic, interesting, and very knowledgeable on the subject of body language. We liked her so much, we have booked her for our next event.

Tom Evans, CEO -

Tonya possesses a wealth of information on her subject matter and delivered it in a manner that kept us involved in the learning process.

Jose McGregor - Chief Criminal Investigation Bureau of Internal Revenue

She was absolutely brilliant--we're very happy!

Donna Vance - Woman's Day Magazine

I have never seen a speaker captivate an audience of 100 attorneys/accountants. She had their attention, participation, and now their gratitude. We learned how to use non-verbal communication to understand what people might really be thinking or feeling.

Noelle Geiger - NYSSCPA, Nassau Chapter

As always, Tonya was fabulous. She added a great presence to our event.

Karen - Starkey
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The Body Language Of Obama And Putin:

RTVI asked Tonya to look at the body language of Obama and Putin recently. They translated her analysis into Russian which is quite fascinating to watch. For information on how to book Tonya Reiman for your ...

Body Language in Business can Make or Break You

Written by Carol Niemi Do you drive yourself crazy thinking you won't get the business if your elevator pitch or sales presentation isn't perfect? Consider this: Though there's no denying the power ...

The 11 Worst Body Language Mistakes Professionals Make

Written by Jacquelyn Smith Your body language determines how people perceive you. Excellent nonverbal communication skills tell your audience that you're confident, energetic, engaged, and ...