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I'm a huge fan of Tony Schwartz. I have had the great pleasure of his working closely with me and our senior leaders the past 18 months. As a communicator of ideas he is refreshingly practical, straightforward, innovative, challenging and invigorating.
Ben Jenkins, President - Wachovia Bank
I have become accustomed to the glowing comments Tony's workshops here. Our partners have found his concepts and practices to be truly effective in making a lasting difference in how they approach their work and the success they achieve through it.
David Deacon, Managing Director - Credit Suisse First Boston
One of our best meetings ever. Tony's was a memorable presentation and his participation was a major part of our success
Raymond Towle, Executive Director - US Chamber of Commerce
Tony's work is about energizing leadership. His recommendations all intuitively make sense, but it is the way he fits the pieces together and connects them to performance that makes his presentations so especially powerful.
Catherine Murchie, Vice-President - MasterCard International
His message about managing our own energy and serving as Chief Energy Officers to those we lead is original, COMPELLING and grounded in a wealth of compelling research. Tony is an entertaining and inspiring speaker armed with highly actionable takeaways.
John Mackey, co-CEO - Whole Foods
Tony understands the forces--both internal and external--that have pushed so many of us into working lives defined by stress, overwork and burnout.
Arianna Huffington, CEO - The Huffington Post
His basic idea is so elegantly simple: In order for people to be at their best they need to renew their energy levels. Since beginning our work with Tony, our team now focuses on how we build in time for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual renewal.
Dave Levin, Co-Founder - KIPP Charter Schools
The transformative power of this work lies in its ability to help very smart and already high-performing people change their current behaviors to be even more effective, fulfilled and connected to others.
Evan Wittenberg, SVP - People, Box
His book looks at the reasons why working harder doesn't translate to working better. Backed by research, he offers a path to better results and higher rewards that should be hugely valuable to individuals and organizations alike.
Susan Lyne, CEO - Gilt Groupe
Before we understood the principles in The Way We're Working Isn't Working, our fight with exhaustion . . . was a daily battle. Today, managing our energy . . . has become a guiding principle for all the members of my operating room team.
Mark Gillinov, M.D., Cardiovascular Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic - Cleveland Clinic
Tony Schwartz confronts the assumptions that are driving our lives and increasingly the lives of our children . . . I believe that his work with our school has pointed to ways in which both students and teachers can change their lives for the better.
Dominic A.A. Randolph, Head of School - Riverdale Country School
The Way We're Working Isn't Working is a great combination of engaging intellectual foundations, intriguing research findings, and truly practical advice . . . a handbook for putting each of us on a more engaged, more productive . . . life course.
Robert Kegan, PhD - Harvard School of Education, co-author of Immunity to Change
Groundbreaking. Inspirational. Game changer. Touched me deeply and has inspired me to change my habits, as well as facilitate the same in my employees.
Brand ManageCamp 2011 Participant
Excellent presentation on subject matter that was slightly different from the others, which I appreciated. Really makes me think about my life differently, and I am embracing my expansion and renewal times for energy
Brand ManageCamp 2011 Participant
Loved the presentation and the topic surrounding increasing our capacities to meet our daily growing demands was thought provoking and challenging. Showed me what I can do to maximize my energy to get my work done better.
Brand ManageCamp 2011 Participant
Tony's insights on energy management are simple, elegant and extremely powerful. His talks have moved our audience and made them seriously rethink the way they rest, refuel, organize their daily workflow so they can perform better and more sustainably.
Jocelyn Glei, Editor-in-Chief - Adobe
Integrating our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives really enables 'one life' and our life's work. Thank you, Tony!
Alan Mulally, President and Chief Executive Officer - Ford Motor Company