Tony Perzow

Tony Perzow negiotiating, negotiation Tony Perzow negiotiating, negotiation

Tony Perzow Speech Topics

You Suck At Negotiating: The Secret Sauce Of Negotiation
[INCLUDES BREAKOUT SESSION] In this eye-opening keynote, Tony Perzow will have your audience participate in an exciting negotiation simulation. Through his experience of training over 10,000 professionals, Tony learned that negotiation excellence is a skill set that is best attained through...
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You Suck At Playing Hardball: How To Win Using Hard-Nosed Negotiation Tactics
In this “crowd-pleasing” keynote, Tony demonstrates the importance of looking at negotiation as a game. And like all games, there are rules that one must abide. For example, in baseball, there are rules for how an offense can score points (i.e. home run) and of course rules for how a defense can...
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You Suck At Being Prepared: How To Plan & Prepare For A Negotiation
In this “need-to-know” keynote, Tony Perzow demonstrates a highly effective planning and preparation process that’s backed by the latest AI data. In every negotiation, there’s always a buyer and seller – even when your job title doesn’t include the words sales or procurement. You see, when...
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You Suck At Negotiating Price: How To Bargain Like A Pro
INCLUDES BREAKOUT SESSION] In this illuminative keynote, Tony will explain the imperative fundamentals of negotiating price. All transactional negotiations are competitive in nature. Both parties are trying to get the best deal possible for themselves and their organization. Even in the most...
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You Suck At Negotiating A Salary: How To Negotiate Your Way To A Dream Job And Salary
In this information-packed keynote, Tony will discuss how to approach the application, interview, and salary negotiation process strategically. He will reveal proven persuasion and negotiation concepts that will not only help you stand out from other applicants but ensure you get the best deal...
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You Suck At Relationships: How To Negotiate With Business Relationships That Matter
[INCLUDES BREAKOUT SESSION] In this more advanced keynote, Tony will discuss how to strategically approach negotiations with important work and business relationships. You see, a negotiation is a conversation on steroids. The difference between a leisurely conversation and a conversation on...
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You Suck At Win/win: How To Creatively And Collaboratively Negotiate Bigger And Better Deals
[INCLUDES BREAKOUT SESSION] In this revelatory keynote, Tony will define the true definition of win/win and provide a roadmap on how to creatively and collaboratively find win/win possibilities in every negotiation. You see, win/win has become an overly used cliché statement that is often...
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