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Tony Alessandra Speech Topics

Communication Skills: The Platinum Rule
The four basic business personalities-and how they can lead to success 'A college lecture delivered in the Comedy Store.' Learn how to spot the clues that help you 'read' other people, recognize and respond to their differences, and create lasting relationships that are the key to business...
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Customer Loyalty: How to Get and Keep Customers...for Life
Turn customers into business apostles who 'preach the gospel' for your company. Learn how everyone in your organization can become more customer-driven and less operations-driven; how to turn moments of misery into moments of magic for your customers; and how to create customer intimacy,...
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Sales: Collaborative Selling
How to gain the competitive advantage in selling Dr. Alessandra shows your employees how to use the six-step collaborative selling model to dominate their market by finding qualified, profitable prospects... turning them into first time customers... consistently exceeding their expectations......
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