Tom Shay | Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & 4th Generation Merchant

Tom Shay

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & 4th Generation Merchant

Tom Shay
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Connecting the Dots Within the Main Street District Businesses

Connecting the dots within the Main Street District Businesses deals with the issue that many Main Street district managers and volunteers face on a daily basis; how do you get the businesses to participate? Tom will show that while media events are important, they have to compliment what is going on in the district instead of being the focal point.

Small Businesses Don’t Die; They Just Commit Suicide!

Reports from the US Census Bureau show as companies have downsized, and individuals decide they want to own their own business, there are more and more new small businesses being started. Yet, some 95% will not be in business to have their 5th anniversary sale, and only half of those will celebrate their 10th anniversary. Businesses with many years of experience are not immune to this problem. See why, small businesses don't die, they inadvertently commit suicide!

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Tom Shay

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