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Thanks for being the highlight of our conference, and for pointing out that it's not really about Jobs, it's about how EACH of us can put a dent in the universe.
Geoffry Dorhmann - IREI
He doesn't just show up and give a talk; he brings a customized gift to each member of his audience, a gift of just the right insights that we can use right away to make a difference in our business and in our lives.
David R. McWilliams - UBS Financial Services
You rocked it, as I knew you would. And you inspired everyone in the room. I can't tell you how many people have sent me a note saying something similar to, "I don't remember ever being so inspired." . . . Your work is a gift . . .
Jen Algire - The Greater Clark Foundation
Dr. Morris: Thank you once again for such a wonderful presentation! You made another lasting impression on our team! The feedback I've received thus far has been phenomenal! Thanks again for everything!
Joe Viglietta - VISTA HOST
The Retreat was a hit largely due to your gift of time for us. The comments coming back to me on Monday evening, and since, were completely complimentary and most were in awe of both your stamina and the depth and breadth of your experience.
Haskell Rhett - Leadership Wilmington
Your presentation last night was FABULOUS! We have all heard nothing but great things!! Thank you so much for helping make a wonderful evening the best!
Jill Alward - First Source Bank
Excellent! You were inspiring and we've had so many great comments about your talk. Thanks so much for being a part of our celebration.
Melissa Collins - First Source Bank