Tim Lee Text Reviews

Tim Lee is not only an outstanding American patriot, but also one of the most inspiring Christian leaders . . . Tim is a tremendous example for all of us, and his courage and determination in making an asset out of a disability is truly an inspiration.

Don Nickles - U. S. Senator

Dr. Tim Lee is a unique man with a unique message. He preaches the Gospel and serves Christ with tenacity, the same way he served his nation in Vietnam. Every church in America deserves to hear Tim Lee.

Dr. Jerry Falwell - Thomas Road Baptist Church

Tim Lee's entire life is a testament to faith and courage. He is a powerful witness to the power of prayer and a magnificent example of how the Holy Spirit can renew a man who is Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful.

Oliver North

For the past fifteen years Correct Craft has used Tim Lee on several occasions to speak for us. Tim is a very inspirational and motivational man. You will never regret inviting him You will never regret inviting him to speak for whatever occasion.

Ralph C. Meloon, Chairman of the Board - Correct Craft

I was personally very inspired by Tim and his testimony. A modern day hero. I've shown his tract to others and recommended him as a speaker already.

Kirk Cameron - Actor