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Thomas Landstreet economy, Global Economy, Global Business, trends, Economic Outlook, economist, Financial Investments, Financial Thomas Landstreet economy, Global Economy, Global Business, trends, Economic Outlook, economist, Financial Investments, Financial
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Thomas Landstreet

Author & Former VP at Laffer Associates, Forbes Top Contributor and Award Winning Hedge Fund Manager

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As an analyst, speaker and writer, Tom shares his wit and wisdom on politics, policy, the economy and investing. Though he plumbs a complicated topic, he does so with a comedian's skill: His presentations are funny and accessible to a broad audience.

Tom's sessions are content rich. As publisher of "Connecting the Dots" institutional investment research for some of the world's biggest hedge funds and mutual funds, Tom draws on a vast array of topics. And because he's actually in the business ...

Tom did a great job of presenting his outlook in a cogent, understandable manner And I think everyone present appreciated his candor. A number of people commented that they thought it was one of the best programs of the year.

John S. Wilson, CFA Board of Directors - Chattanooga Society of Financial Analysts

His ability to discuss topics that ranged from US financial to international geopolitical policies was well received by the cross section of participants at the meeting, and allowed him to touch on various points of interest to different constituents.

John F. Tomlin, Managing Member - Conservation Forestry, LLC

Tom gave a riveting and thought-provoking speech, with comedic highlights, to a diverse group of corporate executives, private equity funds, investment banks and lenders. Importantly, the attendees weren't reading their Blackberries after 15 minutes.

Patricia King - The Association for Corporate Growth, Tennessee

Tom was one of our most polished speakers--very good, entertaining and convincing. He was fun to listen to as well. I would like a return visit from Tom.

Stan Cooper, President - Bruning Investment Group

His talks will challenge the assumptions the audience may have regarding the factors that drive our current economic models, and what solutions will work to build robust economies both here and abroad.

Dick Wallace, President - The KS&G Group, Inc. The Alternative Board

I saw Tom present and it was his straight talking style which was so appealing, he used lots of examples of specific trades he had made and the policy changes that had created these opportunities. His style was really refreshing for the audience after 5 asset management presentations. He was also extremely charismatic and funny which helped, he didn’t take himself too seriously and came across as a real enthusiast.

Chris D. - Director U.S. and Latin America, Citywire.
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