Terence Mauri | Founder, Hack Future Lab, INC Magazine Columnist (1Million Views/Month) and MIT Solve Mentor.

Terence Mauri

Founder, Hack Future Lab, INC Magazine Columnist (1Million Views/Month) and MIT Solve Mentor.

Terence Mauri
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3D Leadership - Own Your Future

Times of rapid change and volatility call for a new leadership model. The greatest challenge facing many leaders is how to work in new, more nimble ways that are at odds with tried-and-true methods. This presentation is for anyone who wants to scale the best leader in themselves and their teams, spark leadership at all levels and move beyond disruption into creating opportunity. Drawing on extensive research from his new book, THE 3D LEADER: Take Your Leadership to the Next Dimension, Terence Mauri will equip you with a practical set of tools that will help you lead faster, smarter and better with these key takeaways:

BE BOLD - Build a 10x mindset where you can take bold leaps into the future.
BE BRAVE - Be part of a challenge culture where it’s safe to speak up and bring your best self to work.
GO BEYOND - Navigate the rapid pace of change, unlock your leadership purpose and BE the change.

Helping Organizations Scale Their Purpose

Uncertainty is currently on steroids. The speed of technology adoption and scaling of AI in business will redefine the nature of work and the company-customer relationship. The rise of China will challenge established global institutions and rules. Climate change and other external forces will bring the social contributions of organizations under further scrutiny. To go beyond this level of disruption and achieve the impossible, you must activate your organizational purpose and be the change. Everybody must be aligned around the long-term vision and the assumptions about the future that underpin it. When everybody understands the journey, you inspire individuals to contribute something bigger than him or her. It’s the difference that makes the difference. Mauri will give you a roadmap to scaling your purpose by sharing stories and strategies around the following takeaways:

Embracing exponential technologies that can scale what makes us more human.
Being more courageous to fund future bets—what are your moonshots?
Scaling with partners by moving from industry to ecosystems and realizing the power of community-building.

Get Future-Fit in the Age of AI

'3 out of 4 C-suite executives believe that if they don’t scale artificial intelligence in the next five years, they risk going out of business entirely’. Terence Mauri, Hack Future Lab, and MIT Entrepreneur Mentor

AI will be a megatrend radically transforming the way we lead, organize, and work. According to Hack Future Lab’s report, AI: Lead to Scale, 84 percent of leaders believe they need to use AI to achieve their growth objectives. However, 76 percent acknowledge struggling with how to scale AI across their business. Until now, there hasn’t been a blueprint to getting past proof of concept into production and scale, a transition many struggle to make. At this inflection point, it’s imperative businesses take the necessary steps to scale successfully.

  • How can leaders harness AI’s full potential to drive growth, agility and resilience? 
  • How do you move from AI compliance to AI competitive advantage?
  • What are the risks and guardrails for scaling Responsible AI?
  • How do you need to reskill your workforce to thrive with AI as a Co-Pilot?
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Terence Mauri

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