Tatyana Mamut

Tatyana Mamut, Innovation NSB Tatyana Mamut, Innovation NSB

Tatyana Mamut Speech Topics

The Human Future in the Age of AI

Today Leaders must grapple with how to adapt to AI. Tatyana Mamut, Silicon Valley tech executive and anthropology PhD, outlines the 4 most likely scenarios for the human future in the upcoming age of AI. We will delve into how AI is upending our assumptions about what is real, increasing global...

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Culture Risk

If “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast,” then how can leaders manage culture effectively as their organizations scale and evolve?

In this talk, Silicon Valley tech executive Tatyana Mamut, PhD -- who led and scaled product and engineering teams at Amazon, Salesforce, and IDEO --...

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Organizing For Customer Centricity

Most companies today say they are “customer centric.” But are they organizing themselves to have all functions and all levels focus on the customer? How do leaders build the mechanisms to nudge the entire organization to focus on customers, even when many employees are removed from...

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Leading Through Tumultuous Times

Today’s world demands that leaders navigate decisions under conditions of extreme ambiguity. Execution demands that we move quickly when there is nothing but vision, or alternatively to forge ahead unflinchingly in the face of too much conflicting data from different directions. 


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Building Cultures of Innovation

Not all innovative companies have the same culture. Some are Visionary-led and tightly aligned. Others are more experimental and collaborative. How do you discover the right style of innovation for your particular organization?

In this talk, Silicon Valley tech executive Tatyana Mamut, PhD -- who...

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