Tatyana Mamut

Tatyana Mamut is a transformative leader in Silicon Valley who drives innovation by understanding customers deeply and leading through empathy. She is a serial entre/intrapreneur, building successful new businesses at Amazon, Salesforce, and IDEO. She currently serves as an advisor to Startup Founders and C-Suite executives, guiding them through Innovation, Customer Centricity, Scaling, and Digital Transformation journeys.

At Amazon Web Services, Tatyana was General Manager & Director of Product, where she built a revolutionary new software product and scaled the team from 2 to 150 engineers, product managers, and designers. At Salesforce, she was Vice President of Product Experience for the IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud, where she led the vision and development for the democratization of IoT technology.

Tatyana was also an executive at IDEO, where she built and led the Organization Design practice globally.

She started her career in global advertising, working at Leo Burnett in Chicago, London, and Moscow. She has won several design & advertising awards for her work at IDEO & Leo Burnett, and holds multiple patents for her inventions at Salesforce & Amazon.

Tatyana has a PhD in cultural anthropology from UC Berkeley and a BA in economics from Amherst College. She is a refugee from eastern Ukraine and comes from three generations of Soviet professional women. She lives with her spouse, two daughters, and Siberian street dog in San Francisco.

Tatyana Mamut
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Current: Managing Culture Risk As You Scale

Time 14:18

Building Cultures of Innovation

Not all innovative companies have the same culture. Some are Visionary-led and tightly aligned. Others are more experimental and collaborative. How do you discover the right style of innovation for your particular organization?

In this talk, Silicon Valley tech executive Tatyana Mamut, PhD -- who led innovation at Amazon, Salesforce, and IDEO -- introduces the 4 Cultural Archetypes of Innovative Organizations and the behaviors that all innovative cultures share. Through a short interactive exercise, audience members assess their organization and determine the behaviors they need to build to become more innovative. The talk then explores the 4 Levers that you can use to start transforming your company to become more innovative, learning from organizations that used these levers to become more innovative in the domains of tech, financial services, healthcare, and government. The talk ends with a brief exercise to craft real experiments that audience members can take back to their organizations to become more innovative tomorrow.

Culture Risk

If “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast,” then how can leaders manage culture effectively as their organizations scale and evolve?

In this talk, Silicon Valley tech executive Tatyana Mamut, PhD -- who led and scaled product and engineering teams at Amazon, Salesforce, and IDEO -- explains how leaders can manage the 5 types of Culture Risk that threaten your organization’s success by defining Principles, modeling Behaviors, and developing organizational Mechanisms.

This talk offers solutions and frameworks for the following:

- How can we sustain culture as we scale?

- How can we prevent attrition of top (especially millennial) talent?

- How can we create a unified culture as we pursue mergers and acquisitions?

- How can we prevent conformity and encourage diversity?

- And how can we keep the culture innovative and prevent stagnation, even as our

company matures?

You will do a live assessment of the top 1-2 Culture Risk factors your organization is facing. Then the Principles-Behaviors-Mechanisms framework is explained and illustrated through case studies. You will then practice using the framework to address the biggest Culture Risk factors you've identified for your organization, and take away an action plan to start actively leading and managing culture more effectively.

Leading Through Tumultuous Times

Today’s world demands that leaders navigate decisions under conditions of extreme ambiguity. Execution demands that we move quickly when there is nothing but vision, or alternatively to forge ahead unflinchingly in the face of too much conflicting data from different directions. 

In this talk, Silicon Valley tech executive Tatyana Mamut, PhD -- who led product teams at Amazon, Salesforce, and IDEO -- draws upon best in class examples of how leading tech companies move forward under extreme uncertainty and change. Leaders at all levels will be inspired to think about how they can leverage Customer Obsession, Metrics & KPIs, and a mindset of Experimentation to lead themselves and their teams even in the most tumultuous conditions. 

The Human Future in the Age of AI

Today Leaders must grapple with how to adapt to AI. Tatyana Mamut, Silicon Valley tech executive and anthropology PhD, outlines the 4 most likely scenarios for the human future in the upcoming age of AI. We will delve into how AI is upending our assumptions about what is real, increasing global cooperation, the types of skills that will be valued in the future, and how companies should invest in technology and human capital to survive and thrive in the era of AI.

Tatyana Mamut
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Tatyana Mamut

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