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Suneel Gupta, Mental Health / Well-Being Suneel Gupta, Mental Health / Well-Being

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There are only a few people in the world who have made a success out of failing. Suneel Gupta is one of them.

Simon Sinek - #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Whether you want to get ahead inside a company or build a startup from the ground up, Suneel's fascinating book is a must-read.

Reid Hoffman, Co-founder - LinkedIn

Suneel left our team smarter and ready to innovate.

Sona Chawla, Chief Marketing Officer - Walgreens

Thought-provoking and inspiring. He resonated deeply with our audience.

Sterling Shea, Global Head of Wealth - Dow Jones

Remarkable! Extremely valuable! You ignited discussions for the rest of the conference.

Sulema Peterson, Executive Director - SACRS

A bright spot at our conference. His lively keynote kept everyone in the audience engaged!

Deborah Scally, Editor - Corporate Board Member Magazine

I didn't know what to expect and I'm still in awe. This wasn't just a keynote - it was a unique experience. I'd strongly recommend that every emerging leader go through this experience; it's inspirational and transformative.

Vice President of Human Resources - HARMAN International

Suneel Gupta is one of the highest-rated speakers we've ever had. His talk was filled with great insights on the essential ingredients for successfully accomplishing your goals by winning support from others along the way. I plan to put many of his ideas into action to become a more "backable" leader, and I know others who heard his talk plan to do the same. But, beyond all of the practical lessons, the lasting impression our audience had was that Suneel is a genuine, caring person who understands leadership challenges. His stories were filled with humility, empathy, and emotion, traits we rarely encounter from our keynote presenters. If you're looking for an excellent talk delivered with a strong sense of humanity, I recommend Suneel Gupta.

Association for Advancing Automation

Suneel is a true master of storytelling and his message was delivered to our audience at just the right time. Creating engagement at annual conferences can be tough. But when you couple that with a virtual conference environment, connecting with the audience is no easy feat. Suneel's keynote on beating burnout to drive innovation was timely and his ability to draw in the audience resulted in the highest engagement numbers of all the sessions for our event. Some speakers can be too in the weeds, while others tend to speak over attendees' heads. Suneel provided the perfect mix of actionable insights with passion for the topic. Attendees left refreshed, energized and appreciative of the experience.

Freddie Mac

Suneel was a keynote speaker at our most recent #AssetMark #GoldForum conference, and he was incredible! Suneel was able to share key insights from his best selling book "Backable", while incorporating those insights with his personal experiences. He took time to learn about our business, the great work that financial advisors do for their clients, and made his lessons impactful for the entire audience. We loved his energy, story telling and spirit! Thank you Suneel!


We brought Suneel in to speak to our portfolio executives and deliver a fresh outlook for leading through chaotic times. We were dazzled from the start and took notes non-stop. The talk was packed with fresh insights and non-obvious takeaways that we could put into practice that same day. I'd highly recommend bringing Suneel to your next leadership event.

ABS Capital Partners

Deeply memorable and inspiring. Suneel blends science with storytelling in a way I haven't quite seen before. We referred to Suneel's takeaways throughout the event and put them into practice immediately.

CEO - Lighthouse

You exceeded our expectations! You gave everyone practical tools to increase focus, tame distractions, and assure that we have the energy to overcome the inevitable challenges. As a result of your keynote, we are more resilient, engaged and ready to face our rapidly changing world of work.

Engineering Manager - Pinterest