Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas leadership, team, teams, teamwork Steve Thomas leadership, team, teams, teamwork

Steve Thomas Bio

Steve Thomas invests his life in helping a variety of organizations build leadership, develop people and create team. To put it simply, he helps people navigate through the complexities of human weirdness. He genuinely wants to see people live better lives and has a passion to develop people to get the most out of their leadership. It is not secret that great people make great organizations. While some start with tips and techniques to solve the problems that we see, Steve digs below the surface to challenge the deep issues we sometimes don’t see. Convinced that leadership drives the workplace culture and the culture drives everything else, he challenges current thinking and belief systems to bring about change…and fun! In fact, part of his mission…make work culture more fun! Steve also coaches football and lives in Springfield, Illinois with his wife, Debbie. She works in education doing almost the same thing he does, except she is way better at it than he is!