Steve Perry

Steve Perry, Opening Assembly & Commencement, Black History Month NSB Steve Perry, Opening Assembly & Commencement, Black History Month NSB
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Steve Perry

CNN Education Contributer, Founder of trendsetting Magnet School and advocate for Public School Reform

About Steve Perry

Dr. Steve Perry's heart pumps passion and produces positive change. Featured in CNN's Black in America series, Dr. Perry is the most talked about innovative educator on the scene today. Perry is the founder and principal of what U.S. News and World Report have cited as one of the top schools in the country, Capital Preparatory Schools in CT & NY. 100% of Capital Prep predominately, low-income first-generation graduates have been accepted to 4-year colleges. He has assisted Steve Harvey in ...

Your powerful presentation encouraged and challenged us to examine the state of our city's focus on education and make a difference in the lives of children and families. Your remarks--profound and poignant--served to challenge the audience.

Stephanie A. Hightower, President - Columbus Urban League

It is difficult to express in words the impact Dr. Perry had on our Empowerment Day. His message was so real and needed in Columbus at a time such as this that he received a standing ovation at the completion of his speech.

Kesha Garrett
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