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Steve Brown: Intel Keynote Address
Steve Brown: TEDx: Why machines must make us better humans
Steve Brown: The Future of Technology and Its Implications for Work, the Economy, and Society

Steve Brown

The Bald Futurist, CEO of Possibility and Purpose and Blockchain Speaker

About Steve Brown

Former Futurist and Chief Evangelist at Intel Corporation, Steve Brown is an energetic speaker, author, strategist and advisor with over 30 years of experience in high tech.

Speaking at events all over the world, Steve helps his audiences to understand the business and societal impacts of new technologies and how they will shape the future five, ten, and fifteen years from now.

Steve is passionate about helping people to imagine and build a better future; To create new value, to optimize ...

Thank you for your contribution to the 2018 Eleventh Circuit Judicial Conference. If you haven't already heard, your presentation was a smash hit! Without exception everyone found it fascinating (even if also frightening :) ). I hope our paths cross again in the future. It's been a pleasure.

M. Casey Rodgers, Chief Judge - United States District Court, North District of Florida

Steve is not all "starry-eyed" with technology; he is very pragmatic and quick to point out the disruptions technology can bring and will challenge conventional wisdom and group think. It is comforting to know there are minds like his taking a hard look at how technology will affect companies, institutions and people.

Jeff Gaus, CEO - Prolifiq Software

Steve has the unique ability to turn data and facts into real insights that inspire and provide a framework for innovative thinking. Steve is also an amazing speaker and storyteller that can captivate and motivate an audience of 5 or 500.

Jamie Gutfreund, CMO - Deep Focus

Your investment in our team is amazing! We are so appreciative of you and your passion to help us think BIG! You have inspired me in more ways that you can imagine.

Tony Bridwell, Chief People Office - Brinker International

teve was able to synthesize a great deal of relevant information about the future of technology into a stimulating, engaging, and focused discussion of the implications of these changes for all of us. In the particular context Steve raised cogent questions and I found his presentation to be enjoyable and provocative all at the same time.

Dr Michael Siegel - The Federal Judiciary Center
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