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I could not have asked for a better presenter than yourself to get our audience motivated and laughing . . . what really caught their attention was the way you tied your topics and discussions to the American Red Cross.
Katrina Stevens - Communications Specialist/Conference Coordinator, American Red Cross
Steve did his presentation on "Team Building with Humor" and did an excellent job. One of the most promising comments I heard was that one of the Team Leaders was going back to their team and "learn how to be funny!"
Mike Trickett - Organizational Development Leader
Thank you so very much for your presentation of Surviving Life with Laughter. Dentists have the highest suicide rate among any profession and your presentation may have 'saved some lives'!!!
Pat Horvat - Executive Director, Nashville Dental Society
Many commented on your ability to teach us relevant material in a humorous, warm atmosphere. You captivated our attention and brought much needed laughter into our lives. We enjoyed the way you used the audience as an integral part of your presentation.
Ricky Newton - CPA, Virginia Association Hermatology Oncology Managers