Steve Forbes | Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, & Advocate for Economic Freedom and Reform

Steve Forbes

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, & Advocate for Economic Freedom and Reform

Steve Forbes
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The Flat Tax Revolution

In his presentation on the Flat Tax Revolution, Steve Forbes calls for substantial reforms to America's fundamental economic systems as they operate today. He argues that "Countries increasingly recognize that if they don't adopt the flat tax, they will lose jobs, capital and their own ambitious entrepreneurs to more growth friendly nations." A simple flat tax, in his view, will slash tax rates and spur economic growth. In his remarks, he will discuss a myriad of Flat Tax benefits through the lens of the current economic landscape and forecast, including: how a simple 17 percent flat tax will save citizens time, money, and worry; why the Flat Tax will eliminate the IRS and its bureaucrats; why the Flat Tax will create jobs, and bring back ones we have lost overseas; how other countries are already reaping the benefits of a flat tax system; how the flat tax will stop special interests getting tax breaks at the expense of citizens; and what you can do to make the Flat Tax a reality. As Mr. Forbes explains, the Flat Tax is not a partisan issue—it is a taxpayer issue that affects all Americans.

Navigating the Economy for Business Growth and Success

Steve Forbes continues to lead the most successful business news magazine in America. Throughout his tenure, his keen ability to provide economic insights on the big issues of the day has been trusted by business leaders around the world. Mr. Forbes addresses the current economic situation and provides insights and strategic advice for business growth and success.

Leadership Lessons
The Stunning Parallels between Great Leaders of the Ancient World and Today’s Top Business Leaders

Times and circumstances change but principles and human nature do not. Based on his book, Power Ambition Glory, Steve Forbes provides six intriguing lessons from comparisons between great leaders of the ancient world and contemporary business leaders. What do Cyrus the Great and Jack Welch have in common? What do great leaders know that allowed Serge Brin and Larry Page of Google to challenge and best two formidable competitors, Microsoft and Yahoo? Julius Caesar was blinded to the dangers that eventually did him in, as surely as greed blinded Wall Street. In this illuminating and entertaining talk, Steve Forbes provides the lessons that will make or break businesses right now by exploring the remarkable similarities between those who directed the empires of the ancient world and many of today's corporate and political leadership.

An Evening of Insights with Steve Forbes

Event planners who invite Steve Forbes to their events report that audiences are amazed by both his command of a wide range of economic and political issues, and his likability and affability, especially appreciated in the current contentious political discussion. Mr. Forbes has been speaking clearly about America’s future success in the global economy for years, using his platform as the CEO of Forbes Media but also as a two time Presidential candidate. He is an expert on monetary issues, capitalism, taxes and personally knows the players in Washington. His insights and stories make him an audience favorite speech after speech.

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Steve Forbes

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