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The feedback and comments received by our staff on the various programs and workshops you have provided over the years to our members rank among the best I've seen in twenty years of association management.
Barbara Byrd - Executive Vice President, Community Association Institute
Unlike so many of the step-by-step theories of delivering great customer service, your 'real world' emphasis challenged our employees to take responsibility for solving problems and exceeding customer expectations.
Brent J. Darden - Vice President, Cooper Aerobics Enterprises, Inc.
You were exactly what we needed; someone to make us look differently at behaviors and assumptions. I didn't know what to expect when we challenged you to present for 3 hours. You did a stellar job, no one left! You made us re-examine everything!
Candice Grow - American Heart Association
Immediately after your first session I noticed an improvement in the attitude and effectiveness of the staff in their dealings with clients. The custom-designed Stress Management program has already helped in our difficult service challenge.
James Cranford - President, Quadrant Management, Inc.
Your passion was contagious, your message powerful and your presentation entertaining and enlightening. . . . We had more phone calls than we could handle singing your praise with the only complaint being we didn't allow you even more time.
Jerry W. Shipman - Better Business Bureau
Your dynamic presentation immediately engaged our audience's attention and created a sense of excitement, which carried the rest of the session.
Lynn Johnston - American Bar Association
We reviewed several training programs and met with numerous consultants before determining that your custom designed programs best met our needs. We have never regretted the decision.
Patricia D'Alise - Zale Lipshy Hospital/UT Southwestern Medical Campus
Your energetic and fun style was just the right touch; you kept them glued to their seats. This was not an easy audience, but you won them over.
Silvia Martinez - Marketlynx
The response to Steve's course material and delivery was so positive that he became the only speaker in the history of The IBM Leadership Excellence University to deliver two programs in the same year!
Vera Cruz - IBM Learning Center
"The most significant and applicable core strategy we have seen in the past two years."
W Coppel, EVP - First Clearing
"What an idea package - entertaining, applicable, cutting edge and simple - the best of all worlds"
S DuMond, CEO - Questar