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Stephen Harvill

Founder and President of Creative Ventures

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Stephen Harvill

Described as an educator, trainer, and most importantly a catalyst, Stephen Harvill has developed dynamic approaches to the learning process. A holistic approach that integrates multimedia and participatory techniques, bring his cutting edge ideas to life.

Engaging and inspiring, his ideas, together with the most current knowledge available, influence the very way his audiences think. Couple this with an infectious and boundless energy and his presentations connect well past the end of the program.

Leadership, skill development, and strategic thinking headline the topics Stephen brings to his audiences. A scientific background with experience in organizational dynamics creates the perfect combination to help companies find the opportunity and leverage that exits in a rapidly changing world.

Stephen's ideas will open your eyes and heart to the power found in the inspired mind. An author, consultant, and strategic partner to Fortune 500 companies and national non-profit organizations, his schedule has him traversing the globe.

His ability to customize his presentations to meet client's requirements is one of his trademarks, creating a sense that he is speaking and teaching directly to their needs. For 30 years, Stephen has remained one of the most requested speakers in the country.

Repeatable Successful Acts

(RSA) Most organizations know the metrics used to judge the success of their sales force. What they don’t know is the missing piece,it’s what their sales force DOES. What actions or behaviors generated those sales and which, if any, can be repeated to generate the same success.

• 7 Different Industries
• 175 Top Sales Producers Interviewed
• 1,750 Answers

A simple pattern of success was discovered. RSA offers 28 specific sales activities shared between industries that can be repeated by anyone.

This multimedia, interactive program introduces two years of research creating a simple, dynamic process you can apply TODAY!

The DNA of Success

In this strategic platform we share the results of a study into the leadership teams from seven different industries. This multimedia and interactive presentation will challenge your perception of impactful leadership!

The study resulted in a simple discovery – 11 shared behaviors that are directly connected to both individual and corporate success. These 11 behaviors cross industry barriers providing a menu driven model that, in singular choices or combinations,
create a mechanism for success.

These ideas include…
• Become an Architect of Time
• Recognize the Power of Experimentation
• Transformation vs. Transition

This cutting edge data creates a key foundation for the development of your leadership model!

The Once Upon a Time Project

Of all things in the universe that create power, perhaps none is more foundational than the power of story.

Stories are about a ONCE UPON A TIME idea. They revolve around emotion. A great story connects on multiple levels, it makes you feel something, it makes you want to know something and builds momentum around your goals.

THE ONCE UPON A TIME PROJECT is a strategic initiative around the skills needed to craft and tell a story,
YOUR Story.

The right stories, the stories worth telling and retelling, are the “currency of human contact.”

What do your stories accomplish?

The One-Click Armageddon

The digital information revolution is shifting everything. Markets are moving, fields of value are changing and the danger of being rolled over is more hazardous than ever. The avalanche of information and data has found its way into our use of time, making us feel like instant experts. With this perceived authority, we feel invincible and our need for help dwindles. We want DIRECT ACCESS to EVERYTHING. We want everything in ONE CLICK!

Creative Ventures is bringing a strategic solution to this ONE CLICK ARMAGEDDON, in two simple, powerful, and elegant parts.

Relevance - Let Creative Ventures help you discover new arenas of relevance and build core strategies around them.

Value - Create new strategic platforms that deliver a sense of "magic" for your clients, that make doing business without you unimaginable.

Creative Ventures unites this cutting edge strategy with a new way of seeing your planning process by teaching simple design skills to transfer all of your ideas to visual models.

Some Key Takeaways:
• Eliminate Redundancy - If it is simple to find and easy to understand, I don't need it from you. I need you to point me in the right direction, but don't give me information I easily find anywhere.

• Stay In Touch - I'm not just talking about a call or an email, I am talking about a focused strategy that is centered on emotion. You need to make your touch points meaningful so that I WANT to hear from you.

• Jettison Bad Ideas - Look at everything you are doing and STOP activities that aren't directly applicable
to each individual client and that they don't find truly important. Leverage what your clients like.

Stephen Harvill
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