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Tim Clue

"Connection is a process" Tim has developed a dynamic compound, redefining "motivation" as connection and trust, creating the perfect blend of laughter, thought and inspiration. With a firm grasp of the attention economy in this age of acceleration, Tim's style reflects the chaos and speed in with which we now work and live. Discovering his greatest inspirations from a collection of worst practices and fabulous failures This award-winning writer, performer and educator turns any group into super teams with a stronger appreciation for connection and the team process.

Tim's spoken before former President George H.W. Bush and opened for Jerry Seinfeld and is also an award-winning published Playwright. Trained at Second City, with decades of stand-up comedy this unique educator and teambuilder rethink the purpose of gathering increasing collaboration, connection and every audience's energy in the best way.

"Our ability to laugh together and collaborate builds trust and increases connection; that has value, this is what I do."

Tim Clue
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Current: Motivation: A Funny Thing

Time 07:03

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Motivation: A Funny Thing
Time 07:03
Especially for Educators: The Unlikely Teacher
Time 08:22
Unconventional Host
Time 07:53
Comedy Keynote
Time 07:25

Tim Clue
Featured Keynote Programs

Recharge & Repair

“When I learned about Zoom’s polling feature my mind exploded! I knew we could bring something new to the virtual square that connects emotions, funny bones and people.”

Recharge and Repair answers the call to provide space with laughter and repair with connection and reflection.

Tim Clue, is an Award winning educator speaker and presenter and meets this national moment for schools and educators with hilarity and compassion.

The live interactive polling paired with story style-telling images and video becomes a one of kind theatrical webinar for educators in need of laughter and a moment

Tim’s virtual story:
As an untraditional learner AKA (left hand dyslexic rug rat) - I’ve been fortunate to bring my humor and approach to our nation’s educators and schools. But when things suddenly changed, I was challenged to play a part in this next turn and address the stress and burden of distant learning. But the creative challenge was how to maintain the same degree of interaction, humor and vibrant content in a remote setting. And again it wasn’t until I began to drill down and really test how to push some of zoom’s features into the realm of engagement and laughter that I knew I had something unique and hopefully impactful.

I told a Superintendent this week, “It’s a fun, relevant way to provide a little catharsis, laughter, and a path forward in uncertain times.” He made me laugh when he replied, “In other words, teachers and staff need a little SEL, too.” I said, Exactly! They need Social Engagement and Laughter, and sure, learning too

Team Trust & Laughter
Cultivating Culture

Connection, transparency, and trust are the new currency that drives culture. Tim’s reinvention of motivation as trust and connection is the game changer that inspires engagement and collaboration. His drive to connect the disconnected, and reveal how finding comfort in discomfort is the catalyst for all growth and change, is embraced in Tim’s hilarious and dynamic approach that reflects the chaos and speed in with which we now work and live.

A Funny Thing - For Teams

Increasing trust, team and connection through laughter—this is Tim’s art form and passion. Says Tim: “We live in an attention economy; in a tangled digital age where connection, transparency, and trust are the new currency.” This one-of-a-kind speaker is an award-winning writer, educator, and comic. He’s opened for Jerry Seinfeld and spoken before a former president (George H. W. Bush), you may have caught his work on SiriusXM satellite radio, and his stage play Leaving Iowa was nominated Best New Play in the Country and is performed in theaters across the U.S. and Canada.

The Unlikely Teacher
For Educators

Tim Clue is a professional writer, stand-up comic and award-winning teacher who believes that speaking and learning should be dynamic, interactive, collaborative, ideally funny (for better stickiness) and should allow for failure, reinvention and plenty of wiggle room. Tim also believes that “Comfort with Discomfort” is essential for growth. But instead of a blah blah blah lecture on these basic truths, Tim asks us to take a journey—through the use of his improv experiences and dialogue—to learn, laugh and collaborate with him on what we already know but often forget: The Art of Connection is Timeless. Please join Tim in understanding why.

Tim Clue
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Tim Clue
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