Thomas Farley | President of The Chris Farley Foundation and Advocate against substance abuse

Thomas Farley

President of The Chris Farley Foundation and Advocate against substance abuse

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Thomas Farley

Tom Farley grew up in Madison, WI and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Marketing.  He began his career in banking and finance, living and working in the New York City area.  From 1999 to 2012, he ran The Chris Farley Foundation, a nationally recognized non-profit dedicated to substance abuse prevention. Tom developed the unique humor-based communications programs that leveraged its namesake’s unmatched ability to attract and retain the attention of youth audiences. The foundation’s core program was improv-based workshops designed to help develop better communication skills, and to help youth audiences create “peer-enhanced” environments, rather than peer-pressured ones.

Like his brother, Tom was successful in opening the “eyes and ears” of audiences through the powerful and effective use of humor.  In 2008 he wrote “The Chris Farley Show”, a New York Time bestselling biography of his late brother, the actor and comedian Chris Farley.  He has been interviewed on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Fox News and The View. He has also been featured in People Magazine, USA Today, two CNN special reports on substance abuse and in several national and regional newspapers and publications.  Now in recovery himself, Tom has become an engaging and powerful advocate for mental health and addiction treatment and recovery. Tom works for Rosecrance Behavioral Health as the Professional Relations Coordinator for Wisconsin. He is also a motivational speaker, delivering messages on prevention and recovery. Tom lives in Madison, WI.

Thomas Farley
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Thomas Farley
Featured Book

Chris Farley Showby Thomas Farley

Chris Farley Show

by Thomas Farley

After three years of sobriety, Chris Farley's life was at its creative peak until a string of professional disappointments chased him back to drugs and alcohol. He fought hard against them, but it was a fight he would lose in December 1997. Farley's fans immediately drew parallels between his death and that of his idol, John Belushi. Without looking deeper, however, many failed to see that Farley was much more than just another Hollywood drug overdose. In this officially authorized oral history, Farley's friends and family remember his work and life. Along the way, they tell a remarkable story of boundless energy, determination, and laughter that could only keep the demons at bay for so long.

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Thomas Farley

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