What the Fire Ignited: Inspiring father of 10

Let 2019 be the year of opening your heart to new challenges: mental, physical and spiritual. This week's book recipient defines meeting an unfathomable challenge - adopting 7 siblings 2-12 years of age. Wilson Kanaday knew from an early age God wanted him to raise a big family...he never dreamed raising 10 kids was the plan. After having their 1st, doctors advised not to have more due to potential danger to his wife. They had 2 more then his wife nearly lost her life when she was pregnant with their 4th (unfortunate miscarriage). To fulfill the emptiness, they fostered kids for several years with a growing burden on their heart to adopt. The time came; they registered to adopt siblings. Shortly thereafter he gets a call. "Wilson, you're a unique guy and we have a unique situation. We have 7 siblings that need adopting." In shock, he replies "sure, but I know my modest house doesn't meet the requirement." The adoption manager smiled and said "we've secured a waiver. Congratulations." The rest is history. It's not always easy but they get it done. They rely on a 16,000sf garden, Wilson's job and God's grace. What is the New Year putting on your heart to do? Are you willing to do it even if your'e scared as hell? True living doesn't come with a safety net. 

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Shay Eskew: Childhood Burn Survivor, Ranked Top 1% Ironman Triathlete, Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker

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