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LONG BIO: Shari Harley, MA and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) is the founder and president of Candid Culture an international training and consulting firm bringing candor back to the work place, creating a safe haven for employees, managers, and clients to speak honestly. Candid Culture helps corporations, associations, government agencies, schools, and not-for-profits get and keep the right customers and employees by creating better business relationships. Shari is a business person. Her previous experience includes selling and facilitating for Dale Carnegie Training, conducting customer service training for American Century Investments, leading leadership training and successful planning for OppenheimerFunds, and managing operations across 21, nation-wide locations, with 200 matrixed employees. Shari started her management training business after a fifteen year corporate career. She left her National Director role in 2007 with no plan and no prospects. Her family and friends thought she was crazy. But even in one of the worst economic climates of all time, Shari's business leadership development services have been in high demand. Organizations of all types and sizes, in seven countries, have gravitated to Shari's simple communication and management training for forging long lasting business relationships. Shari is known globally as an engaging, fun, content-rich business speaker and trainer. She is the author of the book How to Say Anything to Anyone. She has an undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master's degree in Applied Communication from the University of Denver, where she served as an adjunct faculty member and taught business leadership development courses. Shari's practical approach to improving business relationships has led her to speak and train throughout the United States and in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Dubai and Australia. And while she enjoys speaking and training throughout the United States and internationally, Shari lives in Denver, Colorado because it is never humid there. 

Shari Harley
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Shari Harley
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What They Say When You're Not There
Managing Your Reputation

Are you someone your colleagues and customers want to work with, or have to? Do you know? Take the guessing out of working with others. Improve your and your department's reputation by finding out how you're seen by your internal customers. Get more feedback enabling you to take control of what you put in front of others and the impressions you create. And as a result, build long lasting business relationships that outlast economic downturns, miscommunication and conflict.

Outcomes to Expect:

Manage your professional brand and career.
Raise service levels and increase both internal and external customer satisfaction.
Start colleague relationships powerfully and strengthen existing relationships.
Create smooth working relationships. Communicate with people how they like to communicate.
Take the mystery out of working with others. Find out what your customers need to feel well served and satisfied.
Take control of your career and department's reputation.


Learn more about the business goals, objectives and challenges driving your organization.
Become more knowledgeable about customers' needs & how to meet those needs.
Understand how you and your department are perceived in your organization.
Ask more. Assume less .
Become more knowledgeable about your colleagues' preferences, needs, likes and dislikes.
Gather feedback, enabling you to manage service levels and the impressions you and your department create with colleagues and customers.

Participants will learn exactly what their internal customers expect and how to manage those expectations. Attendees will leave with a plan of how to quickly improve his/her department's service levels and reputation.

It's Your Career, Manage It!
Creating the Career and Work Environment You Want

Many professionals are waiting for their boss or mentor to provide the training, coaching, and exposure they need to advance their career. The truth is it's up to each person to create opportunities, gain visibility, and get the feedback they need to strengthen their performance and position themselves for future roles in the organization.

It's Your Career. Manage It! provides the specific language to use to establish candid relationships with direct supervisors, mentors, coaches, and coworkers. Employees will know what to say to get more of what they want and less of what they don't at work. Managers and coaches will get the language and tools they need to guide direct reports and coaches into a future they're excited about. Get more feedback enabling you to take control of what you put in front of others and the impressions you create. And as a result, build long lasting business relationships that outlast economic downturns, miscommunication and conflict.

Outcomes to Expect:

Start new relationships powerfully and strengthen existing relationships.
Create more trust in your office and business relationships.
Take charge of your career.
Get more feedback.
Give more feedback in a way both you and the recipient are comfortable.
Have productive coaching relationships and meetings. Get the most out of mentoring and coaching relationships.


Set expectations in new and existing relationships.
Structure mentoring and coaching relationships so they are useful and productive.
Get tools to make mentoring and coaching meetings focused and helpful.
Get more useful feedback.
Give feedback in a way that others can hear you.
Tell others what you need from your job and workplace in order to remain satisfied and productive.

This program is interactive, practical, and hands on. Participants will practice using new tools and language to create the career and business relationships they want.

Be a Best Company
Find Out What REALLY Makes an Organization a Great Place to Work and What You Can Do to Consistently Be One

There is a lot of research about what makes a company a great place to work. When you boil it down, there are really just five things that lead to loyal, engaged and high performing employees. Find out what really makes employees do their best work and remain engaged over long periods of time. Learn what the best companies are doing to be great places to work, and get practices you can implement immediately. Create and maintain a successful organizational culture that endures leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, and the other challenges inherent in a fast paced, driven organization.

Learning Outcomes:

Managers and employees give regular and timely feedback.
Employees are engaged and doing their best work.
Senior leaders and managers build trusting and mutually respectful relationships with employees.
Employees, managers and senior leaders speak candidly.
Departments learn from mistakes and create and follow best practices.
Employees at all levels feel heard and 'a part' of the organization

Avoiding the Quit and Stay Phenomenon: Engage and Retain Your Best Employees
Walk by your employees' desks and see them surfing the Internet? The bad news: They're not researching how to improve the company's results. They're playing fantasy football or shopping for shoes. The good news: You can incent performance and raise morale. And you don't have to spend any money.

When turnover is low, employees still quit--they just don't leave the building. Quit and stay is the phenomenon of employees becoming disengaged and less productive while waiting for other roles to become available. Quit and stay is an unfortunate but avoidable phenomena.

Do you know which of your employees are engaged and committed to your organization?
Do you have a plan for those who are not?

Outcomes to Expect:

Bring the fun and camaraderie back to work. Make work a place people want to be.
Recognize performance without spending money.
Find out why your employees stay with your organization and what would make them leave.
Develop a loyal and committed workforce.
Get the best from employees.

The program is interactive, fun and packed with immediately applicable tips and techniques.

Getting the Best from Employees
Coaching and Developing Employees for Maximum Contribution

Coaching and developing employees is the hardest thing managers do. Being a good coach requires trust, patience, and takes time, time you may not feel you have. The old adage, "If you want something done right, do it yourself" may at times feel true, but it also leaves managers overextended, unfocused and with an underdeveloped staff. Giving direct reports an appropriate amount of responsibility and accountability is the only way employees develop and the only way managers get out of the weeds and are able to focus on the work they're supposed to be doing--leading people and departments. A lack of growth and development opportunities is the greatest reason for employee turnover. If you want your staff to stay and be engaged, they need to feel that they are developing new skills and abilities.

Learn how to coach and delegate appropriately so both managers and direct reports get what they need. Managers get results and more time to focus on their own accountabilities, and employees learn new skills and become more autonomous.

Outcomes to Expect:

Create a more satisfied and engaged long-term work force.
Develop employees for long-term growth and mobility.
Have more time to focus on one's own responsibilities.
Create environments of accountability and unprecedented results.
Get the best from employees.


Determine what will improve employees' performance.
Provide fresh, constructive performance feedback to long-term employees.
Incent improved performance with staff members who have hit the salary cap.
Help employees honestly assess their own performance.
Have candid conversations with employees without wishing you had taken medication.

The program is useful, interactive, fun and packed with immediately applicable techniques.

Shari Harley
Featured Book

How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide to Building Business Relationships That Really Workby Shari Harley

How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide to Building Business Relationships That Really Work

by Shari Harley
Take charge of your career by taking charge of your business relationships.

Shari Harley
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