Robert P. Miles | Robert P. Miles is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and Warren Buffett expert

Robert P. Miles

Robert P. Miles is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and Warren Buffett expert

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Robert P. Miles

Robert P. Miles is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and Warren Buffett expert.

Pursued by journalists and media moguls on just about each and every move that Mr. Buffett makes, Robert is not only a long-term shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway nyse:BYKA / BRKB], he also has had the great honor of getting to know Warren Buffett, the man and the remarkable wealth-building strategist.

Robert P. Miles is the author of 3 books, has created assorted audio and video programs, and has appeared on many radio and television programs on four continents, including CNN, Channel News Asia, Sky Business News, Shanghai Today, and Bloomberg TV. His book The Warren Buffett CEO was featured as a special on National Public Television's Nightly Business Report.

As the writer of the top-selling books The Warren Buffett CEO: Secrets From the Berkshire Hathaway Managers and 101 Reasons To Own the World's Greatest Investment: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway [Wiley], Robert has relentlessly followed his passion and found great success in doing so. Known for his subtle wit and entertaining stories, Robert P. Miles has shared his valuable insights, strategies, philosophies, and anecdotes with enthusiastic audiences throughout the world.

Most recently, he is the author and presenter of Warren Buffett Wealth: Principles and Practical Methods Used by the World's Greatest Investor [Wiley (book) and Nightingale-Conant (audio)]. Robert P. Miles is host of the "Buffett CEO Talk" video series, conversations with the Berkshire Hathaway managers filmed before a live studio audience and broadcast on public television.

Robert Miles has given presentations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Recently he circled the globe with daylong workshops and keynote presentations in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Queensland, Delhi, and Bombay.

Robert P. Miles is a graduate of the University of Michigan Business School and resides in Tampa, Florida.

Robert P. Miles
Featured Keynote Programs

Hiring an Investment Manager
101 Considerations

This session is designed for the individual who lacks the confidence, experience, skill and interest to be an above-average investor, as well as for the professional investment manager who wishes to better understand how to attract and effectively communicate with potential clients. Warren Buffett and his investment company, the publicly traded Berkshire Hathaway, are dissected and analyzed as the ideal example of what to look for in both a manager and a stock.
Synopsis: Hiring an Investment Manager
Not everyone is born with the skill and interest to manage money. In fact, only a few have what it takes to outperform the market. Are you one of them? If so, how can you tell? If not, what should you do and how you can compensate for the lack of the innate ability and skill?

If you don’t thoroughly understand the stocks you own or the methods that will maximize your money, it may be better and more profitable to hire someone with the skill, talent, temperament and experience to handle your investments for you. This session breaks the investment manager selection process down to easy to understand terms and methods, and details all of the things you need to know and do to be a successful investment client.

Warren Buffett may not be available to personally manage your investments, but it is possible to entrust them to someone who operates according to his principles and values. This session will uncover the key qualities that make Warren Buffett such a superior investment manager and Berkshire Hathaway such a sound, consistently profitable investment, so that you will be able to spot those same qualities in others.

Reflections of a Billionaire CEO
How To See YOU in the Image

This session explores the unique profiles, common characteristics, and unorthodox management secrets of Warren Buffett’s remarkable management team. Hear stories that every businessperson can learn from, and take away information you can immediately implement in your own business practices to achieve extraordinary results.
Synopsis: Billionaire CEO
Do you have what it takes to be a part of Warren Buffett’s stellar team? While researching his book, The Warren Buffett CEO, Robert Miles discovered that there are several critical character traits shared by all of the more than 20 CEOs of Buffett-owned companies. This eye-opening session reveals what those traits are, and invites you to hold up a mirror and see if the person you have become reflects the qualities admired and rewarded by the world’s most renowned value investor and values manager.

The way business is done at Berkshire Hathaway is anything but business-as-usual. Warren Buffett has been able to attract and keep his enormously talented team of managers without meetings, divisions, budgets, or an organizational structure. “Team Buffett” has never lost a CEO to a competing enterprise, even though the average Buffett CEO is worth $100 million and therefore "working" for passion, not financial independence. And the average Buffett CEO has tenure of 25 years—with no mandatory retirement—while the typical large-company CEO is on the job for only 6 years.

This session will examine the why’s and how’s behind Berkshire Hathaway’s unconventional and spectacularly successful business model. It examines the fascinating evolution of this conglomerate, and considers how it will look well into the future. It also explores the surprising truth about what will happen after Warren Buffett retires and how he will judge his successor.

The Genius of Warren Buffett
The Science of Investing and the Art of Managing

Who is the world’s most successful investor? Why you should know, study and understand him if you too want to enjoy outstanding investment results are a few of the questions answered in this session. By effectively employing a singular combination of God-given talents and carefully-honed abilities, Warren Buffett has been able to take a small textile company and build it into one of the world's foremost conglomerates and simultaneously created a vast fortune for himself and his partners. His extraordinary tale is one of genius and character. This session reveals exactly how he did it and who he is.
Synopsis: Buffett Genius
Genius of any kind is a gift bestowed on a rare few; individuals endowed with multiple areas of genius are even rarer. Throughout history, both scientists and artists have advanced human achievement; but there are few, if any, advancements made by someone who was both a scientific and an artistic genius. Warren Buffett is one of the few exceptions. Gifted with a phenomenal memory, astonishing mathematical abilities, and highly developed interpersonal skills, he has accomplished what few others have done.

Just like you might know, study and understand Shakespeare, DaVinci, and Mozart to write, paint and play better music, this course is the study of the world’s best investor, capital allocator and business manager giving you an inside look and understanding of being the best.

This fascinating presentation explores the unique combination of native brilliance and well-developed character traits and habits that have enabled Warren Buffett to become the single wealthiest investor and one of the most admired chief executives in the world. It explains how a highly-unusual possession of both scientific and artistic genius have fueled Buffett’s unparalleled achievement, and reveals why a study of this legendary financial mastermind is well worth the time and effort of anyone who wants to build a wealthier, happier, more successful life.

The Intelligent Philanthropist
A Thinking Man’s Gift To the World

If you are a successful investor then one day, either while you are living or after your death, you must carefully and intelligently distribute the wealth you have created. Perhaps Warren Buffett’s greatest contribution to mankind will not be creating a vast fortune, but rather by teaching by example how to intelligently give it away. This session will discuss the billionaire’s extraordinary charitable plan and the different ways he has merged his investment strategies and values with his estate, foundation and legacy.
Successful investing and successful charity require opposite skill sets; yet Warren Buffett’s boundless genius for money even extends into the realm of giving it away. The trajectory of his remarkable life has taken him from supremely intelligent investing to supremely intelligent philanthropy, as he continues to lay the groundwork for an unmatched financial legacy that will benefit countless people around the world.

Now that Warren has created the world’s largest foundation, how many and which charities will it fund? This session reveals some of the amazing plans Buffett has established for the philanthropic distribution of his wealth, which includes targeting charities without a natural funding constituency. Buffett’s legacy will not be the typical name-on-buildings-schools–and-programs variety. You’ll find out how he plans to be remembered instead. You’ll also hear Buffett’s uncommon and refreshing views on the connection between money and politics.

When it comes to his children, grandchildren and future heirs, Buffett’s estate philosophy is grounded in his characteristic common sense: “Give them enough so they can do what they want, but not so much that they do nothing.” This session also explores the value of meritocracy versus handicapping your children with unearned financial rewards and an unmerited financial head start. Finally, you’ll learn this world-renowned billionaire’s surprising definition of a successful life. Money, celebrity, even wisdom do not enter into his estimation of true wealth. Once you hear what he does value most, you will have an even deeper understanding of why this humble genius has been able to create such incredible prosperity and fulfillment … and how that same degree of prosperity is available to you.

Robert P. Miles
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