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Robert Gerrish

Specialist speaker for micro and small business audiences

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Robert Gerrish

Robert Gerrish is a coach, author and speaker whose particular niche is the solo and small business owner. His ideal audience is best described as 'independent professionals' - individuals who seek high levels of efficiency through effective time management; who value successful and meaningful business relationships (and understand the role word-of-mouth referrals have to play); and who attach priority to work/life balance.

Robert's presentation style is upbeat and engaging, his content practical and straightforward. He speaks with his audience - inviting commentary and participation - rather than at his audience. This characteristic makes his work particularly appealing to franchise groups, associations and organisations looking to cultivate an involved and sharing community.

Robert Gerrish has appeared as a commentator on ABC '4 Corners', Channel 9's 'A Current Affair' and contributes regular columns to News Ltd. and Dynamic Business Magazine. Additionally, he presents tips on radio, publishes a weekly ezine with over 11,600 subscribers and is founder of Flying Solo, an online magazine for solo business owners.

In 2005, his first book, Flying Solo - how to go it alone in business (co-authored with Sam Leader and Published by Allen & Unwin) was released. Described by The Daily Telegraph as "remarkable, sure to fill its readers with inspiration" the book has been further lauded by such luminaries as Michael Gerber, Dan Pink and Carl Honore.

Robert Gerrish
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Exploring what it takes to develop a business that generates interest and conversation, this upbeat and motivational talk uses anecdotes and storytelling to illustrate the benefits of standing out from the crowd.

At the close of this presentation delegates will:

- Have a good understanding of the importance of a niche

- Gain clarity regarding actions to get noticed
- Learn why and how 'opinions' attract
- Know how to turn fans into raving fans

This presentation is ideal as a conference 'opener' particularly in situations where detailed marketing issues are to be addressed or where marketing is recognised as being a key theme.

This interactive presentation looks at the importance of referrals and how to generate more. Talking powerfully about our work and using networking as an effective tool in our marketing activity is a key to success. This presentation will help delegates to develop these skills and open doors to added opportunities.

Other specific areas covered include:

- The power and value of clear, concise language when discussing business services and offerings
- The importance of recognising who we should really do business with
- How to create a referral virus that will lead to potentially endless new business leads

Undertaken as a mini-workshop with plenty of audience involvement, the presentation concludes with a tool that each person can apply to their business and an action plan to start the ball rolling.

There's a myth in the world of business that if we're not working extremely hard, we're not really working at all. This presentation will seek to dispel this line of thinking by exploring a way of working that focuses not on how much we do, but what we do and how we do it.

Using a variety of tips and tools, discussion is focussed on those things that steal our time and mess with our concentration. Through audience questioning and feedback delegates will be exposed to a new way of working that will see more achieved in less time.

Notable outcomes of this workshop include:

- A clear understanding of how time away from work is of such benefit
- Clarity regarding how to work at our 'most effective best'
- An understanding of what steals focus and time (and what to do about it)

Robert Gerrish
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Robert Gerrish

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