More Money for Meetings in 2011? AmEx Thinks So.

October 26, 2010

Tyler Clark

Director of Marketing

American Express has made a prediction that we're all hoping will come true.

The financial giant just announced pricing projections from its annual Global Business Travel Forecast which indicates an increase in hotel and airline rates of up to 10 percent during 2011.

Premiere Motivational Speakers Bureau :: AirplaneAmEx also predicts that "companies will likely increase spending and frequency of meetings". Although the per-event cost may decrease, the number of events will likely increase. Many of these events will include web events to enhance the face-to-face meetings.

"Throughout 2010, companies have lifted travel restrictions brought on by red bottom line fears and this is expected to continue into 2011 as firms look more toward growing the top line. Yet pricing power will swing back to air and hotel suppliers for the first time in two years in 2011 as more competition for limited seats on planes and increased occupancy levels at hotels are expected," said Christa Degnan Manning of American Express Business Travel. "As a result, companies should re-examine program strategies and policies undertaken in the past few years and look to manage budgets and cost-control tactics competitively to protect them from the significant rate increases expected."

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