Nick Adams | Presidential Appointee, Founder of FLAG and Best-Selling Author

Nick Adams

Presidential Appointee, Founder of FLAG and Best-Selling Author

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Nick Adams

Nick Adams is a Presidential appointee, four-time best-selling author, motivational speaker, television commentator, and Stage IV cancer survivor.

He is also one of the fastest-growing and furthest reaching social media influencers in conservative politics today, reaching millions of patriots across the country with his commentary and opinions.

Adams has appeared on virtually every major television and radio program. He runs the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), a non-profit organization that teaches civics and informs parents and students on the power of the American Dream.

His work in public schools has seen him recognized by governors across the country, and he has been awarded honorary status in Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Arizona and South Carolina. Born and raised in Australia, Adams is now a naturalized American citizen.

Three of Nick's best-selling books were endorsed by President Trump during his time in office, leading the New York Times to declare him "the President's favorite author".

In the United States, he has spoken at conventions, corporate meetings, military bases, universities, high schools and churches, in 42 states.

FLAG has produced the world's first kid-friendly Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Federalist Papers, as launched on Fox News. The FLAG Board contains luminaries such as Col. Allen West, Bill O'Reilly, Dennis Prager, Pete Hegseth, Steve Cortes, and many others.

Adams earned both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Sydney.

He was publicly elected the youngest Deputy Mayor in Australian history in Sydney, at the age of twenty-one.

Nick Adams
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Nick Adams
Featured Keynote Programs

How America can Boomerang

In this inspirational speech, Nick Adams explains why America is still the greatest country in the world, and that while it is falling behind, it isn't behind anything or anyone- other than its own potential. He takes a de Tocqueville-like look at modern America, but warns in a Paul Revere-like way of a European future. He outlines his acclaimed ten-point plan to spark an American renaissance.

Chasing Your Dreams With American Values

Never let anyone stomp on your dreams...Stretch out and slap mediocrity in the face, because as an American, you've been given so much more. Be bold. Be faithful. Lead!" - Nick Adams

In this keynote address, Nick motivates and educates audiences all across America on matters of life, resilience, communication, productivity, and confidence. He speaks about how to apply the idealized attributes of American culture and character--such as innovation, optimism, and faith--into one’s personal life in order to overcome challenges and be successful. Having overcome numerous personal and business challenges, he offers a unique perspective based on strength of character and resilience. This will truly inspire your team to achieve the American Dream with your employees leaving entertained, profitable, productive, and results-oriented.

Killing Political Correctness With The American Idea

Political correctness is the root of every problem and challenge America faces today. It robs individuals and nations of their uniqueness; of their character. It celebrates mediocrity, and punishes the great. Nick Adams believes it is leading to a generation of plastic people and leaders worldwide, and is desperate to save America from a pale, limp and lifeless European future. Adams thinks there is one vaccine for the PC disease- the American idea itself. In this keynote speech, he exposes the PC agenda, punctures its premise and urges Americans to make war on it.


A cancer survivor, youngest Deputy Mayor in Australian history, best-selling author before 30 and distinguished conservative thought leader in America, Nick Adams has defied odds and broken records all his life. True to his Australian roots, in this stimulating keynote, he doesn’t pull any punches, and his stories of strength and survival are seasoned with a dash of Australian humor. Topics of presentation include managing change, communication skills, the importance of confidence, and inspired creativity. Adams knows the value of an inspirational leader, and more importantly, how to be one. He believes that being an American is to have won the lottery of life, and that in this country, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Adams explores the top characteristics and principles of a good leader. Your audience will leave with applicable strategies for for bettering their leadership approach.

Nick Adams
Featured Books

The Most Dangerous President in Historyby Nick Adams

The Most Dangerous President in History

by Nick Adams
Trump and Reagan: Defenders of Americaby Nick Adams

Trump and Reagan: Defenders of America

by Nick Adams
Trump and Churchill. Defenders of Western Nick Adams

Trump and Churchill. Defenders of Western Civilization.

by Nick Adams
Retaking America: Crushing Political Nick Adams

Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness.

by Nick Adams
Green Card Warriorby Nick Adams

Green Card Warrior

by Nick Adams
The American Boomerangby Nick Adams

The American Boomerang

by Nick Adams

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Nick Adams

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