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Molly Fletcher is impressive. She's a great negotiator, a skill she learned from her family. I really enjoyed hearing how Molly Fletcher takes a different viewpoint than the normal person. When I got my first apartment and like an idiot, I just hunted for pricing, location, and amenities.  Molly took the same thing turned it into years of free rent, a connection generator, and a way to build business skills. Molly Fletcher then took her love of sports (she was a D1 tennis player), mixed it with that skill of negotiation, added in empathy, and ended up doing over a half-billion dollars in sports contracts.

In this week's episode of the Beyond Speaking podcast, the "female Jerry Maguire", Molly Fletcher shares how to negotiate a contract for yourself, the power of the pause and how being a woman helped her in the male-dominated world of sports agents.

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Brian Lord is the President of Premiere Speakers Bureau and host of the Beyond Speaking Podcast. Brian has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, BBC Radio, The Huffington Post (UK), and was chosen as one of Nashville's 40 under 40.

Molly Fletcher: Female Jerry Maguire, CEO, Keynote Speaker & Author

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