Opinion: Reasons to Be Concerned About Health Care

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is concerned about the health care bill, and he think that you should be to.

Here's what he said last weekend on his Fox News Channel show Huckabee:

Mike  Huckabee: Premiere Motivational Speakers BureauPresident Obama is acting like a Toyota with an accelerator that's stuck. But the more vigorously the president campaigns to force Americans to swallow his horse pill-sized health care bill, the lower goes the support for this congressional castor oil. While he ignores what we really care about — namely the fact that millions of Americans can't find a job, there is an uprising in the ranks of the people of this country who hope that maybe for just this one issue, the members of Congress will actually act like they work for the people instead of Ms. Pelosi. Your voice and vote does matter, but only if you speak up and do it now.

I suggest that you call, e-mail, and write your member of Congress. E-mail and write tonight and call first thing Monday morning and keep calling until you get through.

I've made it easy for you by providing a simple link: CallCongressNow.com, so you can reach your congressman.

Here are some reasons to be concerned about this health care bill:

1. The process has been mostly conducted in a highly partisan and disgustingly secretive manner and even now to pass it, a budget maneuver called reconciliation is being threatened as the vehicle to drive this truck load of dynamite right into our living rooms.

2. The impact on the federal budget and deficit is enough to make your grandchildren want their inheritance now, but rarely discussed is the equally draconian drag on your state's budget. Translation: Both your federal and state taxes will go up — way up — to cover this.

3. Pro-life advocates like me and even pro-life Democrats like Congressman Bart Stupak smell a rat in the Senate language and believe that the bill will allow backdoor federal funding of the destruction of innocent human life.

4. Taxes will be collected for three years before the benefits even start. That's like paying rent on an apartment for three years before you can even spend the night!

5. The bill doesn't address the real need in the health crisis — chronic disease that accounts for almost 80 percent of all health care costs in the country. This bill's approach is more like providing more seats on a lifeboat but not trying to keep the ship from sinking.

This bill isn't good medicine and it's not a harmless sugar pill placebo. It's a painful and costly prescription of bad medicine that needs to be taken off the shelf now. Here's a simple question: Is your own personal doctor pushing for this? Do you trust your doctor or Nancy Pelosi most?

You need to act now. Go to the special Web page I've created to make it easy for you to contact your Congressman: CallCongressNow.com.

I support real health care reform, but we don't need to apply leeches to suck our blood in order to cure a headache and we don't need to amputate our feet because we stubbed our toe. Before we're bled to death by the leeches of Loontown, speak up. Do it now!

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