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Michael Veltri is a battle-hardened entrepreneur, bestselling author, and top rated business transformation keynote speaker. Recognizing that our successes, both organizationally and personally, are the culmination of our daily decisions, Veltri elevates organizations and improves lives through better decision-making practices.

From ancient Japanese warriors to brain science; from business titans to academic research, Michael tapped wide-ranging resources to develop a groundbreaking model for better decision making. Surprisingly simple and eminently effective, Veltri's approach has impacted some of the world's most prolific organizations, brands, and leaders.

Michael is also a cancer survivor, decorated Marine Corps veteran, and master-instructor in the Japanese martial art of Aikido. He brings his martial arts discipline and Marine Corps leadership to every keynote speech inspiring, motivating, and educating audiences worldwide.

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Michael Veltri
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The 5 Decision-Making Secrets

Surprising, Unorthodox Approaches To Powerful Leadership Outcomes

With the “speed of business” evolving at an exponential rate, the ability to make the right decision at the right time is paramount to the success of any organization. Windows of opportunity open, yet close even quicker in today’s 24/7 hyper-connected, hyper- distracted world. Truly responsible leadership is difficult, and management needs fresh and creative ideas to make the best decisions possible — especially when the pace is fast, the stakes are high, and the outcome unclear. Michael Veltri weighs in with new and unique perspectives on this critical leadership challenge. A highly successful serial entrepreneur, decorated U.S. Marine veteran, and battle-hardened business executive, Veltri shows leaders how to employ his simple and effective decision-making system. This presentation will help leaders and managers of all levels:

• Develop unprecedented decision-making prowess to attack business problems of all sizes;
• Uncover 5 fresh decision-making tools to evolve your leadership to the next level;
• Authentically express your leadership to fuel-inject business results;
• Avoid the 5 biggest leadership traps;
• Silence internal and external distractions to strengthen your “leadership muscle”;

Best-Fit Audiences:
Leaders in all industries | Managers of all levels

Slaying The Sales Dragon

How To Crush The Top Line With Unprecedented Decision-Making Prowess

Successful sales professionals, and their managers, are never satisfied. Yesterday’s major achievements are today’s performance standards, and surpassing quota is the expectation, not the exception. As old methods become commoditized and ineffective, new creative sales techniques are needed more than ever. Drawing inspiration from his knock-down-drag-out fight with cancer, nationwide bestselling author and multiple Diamond Club award winning sales professional, Michael Veltri has created a new and powerful model of decision-making success that leads to unprecedented sales results. In his energizing and inspiring presentation, Michael teaches sales professionals how to surpass expectations — both their own and their organization’s — while crushing quota and slaying the sales dragon.

You’ll learn:
• 5 simple and effective decision-making tools to boost sales;
• What’s truly behind objections — and how to conquer them;
• How to create a culture of achievement and sales excellence;
• How the “3 x 15 Decision-Making Rule” can double sales;
• How to break free from historical decision-making bias in your sales process;

Best-Fit Audiences:
Sales Teams across all industries | Sales Manager Meetings (including sales kickoff events)

Decision-Making Mastery

How to Deliver Stunning Bottom-Line Results

Why do some executives fail while others thrive? Because the best C-suite executives have a decision making system to help them — and their teams — avoid and conquer common decision-making traps. From life or death decisions on the battlefield to the boardroom, Michael Veltri draws on his background as a battle-hardened business executive and decorated U.S. Marine veteran to teach CEOs and senior executives better decision-making skills that deliver stunning results. As a professional-level Japanese martial arts instructor, Veltri blends the fluid and flexible qualities of the martial arts with bleeding-edge business savvy to bring a completely fresh perspective on decision-making skills. His inspiring presentation delivers practical tools that can be used immediately to increase productivity and deliver bottom-line results.

You’ll learn to:
• Master the 5 most powerful decision-making solutions that you’ve never heard of;
• Build a culture that celebrates fresh thinking and embraces new decision-making ideas;
• Implement better decision-making skills on a daily basis across all business activities and roles;
• Avoid the 5 biggest decision-making traps that kill successful organizations;
• Apply best decision-making practices from successful companies worldwide;

Best-Fit Audiences:
C-Suite Executives | Senior Leaders in all industries

The Mushin Way

Achieve Peak Performance With Balance, Not Burnout

With intense competitive pressure to attract and retain top talent, how can HR executives and business leaders hire the best and the brightest while ensuring their high potentials continue to excel without burning out? Drawing from his success as an HR consultant and executive recruiter for some of the world’s top companies and brands, Michael Veltri answers these important questions and many more in his fresh, relevant, and timely talk. Based on his nationwide bestselling book, The Mushin Way to Peak Performance, Veltri takes the audience on an illuminating journey, showing how the Zen concept of mushin (moo-sheen) — meaning “no-mind” — helps achieve more with less, fuel growth, and maintain laser focus. Walk away energized, educated, and equipped with bold new tools and techniques to achieve unprecedented results with balance, not burnout. In this important keynote, Veltri helps HR executives, business leaders, and hiring managers learn to:

• Build, motivate, and lead high-performing teams;
• Learn 5 secret techniques used by Zen masters to increase performance, which can easily be adapted to your own organization;
• Understand the most common reasons “high potentials” burn out;
• Expand your ability to deal with ambiguity, change, and competing priorities;
• Uncover best practices from a martial arts master’s mentality: determination, flexibility, and resilience;

Best-Fit Audiences:
HR Executives in all industries | Hiring Managers looking to attract & retain top talent

Michael Veltri
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Mushin Wayby Michael Veltri

Mushin Way

by Michael Veltri

Michael Veltri
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Michael Veltri
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