Lee Tomlinson | Founder The C.A.R.E. Effect Movement, Cancer Survivor, Author, & Adjunct Professor, Keynote and TED Speaker

Lee Tomlinson

Founder The C.A.R.E. Effect Movement, Cancer Survivor, Author, & Adjunct Professor, Keynote and TED Speaker

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Lee Tomlinson

The life mission of "Patient Lee" is to inspire healthcare professionals to return compassionate C.A.R.E. to its rightful place at the forefront of modern medicine to benefit their patients, colleagues, their hospital's bottom line, and perhaps most importantly, themselves.

Finding his mission wasn't even remotely easy.

Award-winning television producer, movie studio owner, ex-professional athlete, and TED Talk presenter, "Patient Lee" is literally alive today due to a lifetime of continuous, extraordinarily effective medical treatment and deeply compassionate care.

Unfortunately, during a recent battle with Stage 3+ throat cancer, "Patient Lee" became painfully aware of the trauma caused by treatment lacking in compassion that nearly drove him to take his own life. What saved him from suicide was one single, powerful act of compassion by his doctor and friend.

That single act of compassion not only renewed the will of "Patient Lee" to live but also sparked within him a burning desire to devote his life to reconnecting medical professionals with the immense and scientifically proven power of compassion to heal not only their patients but themselves as well.

With his renewed passion for life and newfound purpose, "Patient Lee" created the C.A.R.E. Effect Movement. This Movement is designed to inspire America's
12.5 million healthcare professionals to reconnect with the compassion that got them into medicine in the first place - and then inspires them to redouble their efforts to provide even more compassion than ever before to better heal their patients, colleagues, and the World, but first and foremost, themselves.

Lee Tomlinson
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Current: TEDx: Compassion and Medicine

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Lee Tomlinson
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In his most popular, deeply moving, and often hilarious Keynote, “Patient Lee” takes audiences on a personal journey around his own battle with advanced cancer. This revealed a startling discovery of the immense power of compassion to heal both patient and medical professionals –  as well as improve the bottom line. Most importantly, it shows the truly life-threatening impact when compassion is lacking, which drove Lee to seriously consider suicide.


As a survivor of “burn-out” himself, which nearly cost him his life, “Patient Lee” knows what it’s like to hit bottom and lose it all. With “burn-out” among medical professionals reaching epidemic proportions and adversely impacting patients, professionals and your profit margins, “Patient Lee” shares his own intimate journey from burnout back to brilliance and in doing so shares what it takes to avoid and/or recover from this scourge.


Perhaps Lee’s favorite speaking events are “Cancer Survivor Celebrations.” During these highly intimate and laugh out loud hilarious celebrations of life, Lee shares with his fellow survivors, their beloved C.A.R.E. givers, and medical professionals his tales of how his and their lives have been profoundly changed – for the better – because of having survived cancer.


Superior customer service is the key differentiator in an overcrowded marketplace. Combining a vast knowledge of customer service and scientific data culled from the field of medicine proving the power of compassion to heal patients, Lee movingly presents the compelling case that customer service can do more than just improve your bottom line: it can also profoundly and positively improve the lives of customers and employees as well as the quality of life on Earth when it is most needed.

Lee Tomlinson
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Lee Tomlinson

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