Co-Founder of The Ron Clark Academy Discusses New Book

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We are so excited to see Kim Bearden on The Cycle show recently. The co-founder of the Ron Clark Academy, a school leading the way in middle school education, joins the show to discuss her new book, “Crash Course.”


Kim Bearden - Ron Clark Academy co-founder, executive director and language arts teacher - is an award-winning educator of almost thirty years. Her unique combination of innovation, discipline and creativity transform average classrooms to remarkable learning centers!

Kim Bearden delivers inspiring keynote messages to thousands of educators each year. As the co-founder, executive director and language arts teacher of the Ron Clark Academy, she is daily active in all aspects of the educational process. With a teaching career spanning almost thirty years, she has been a teacher, instructional lead teacher, curriculum director, school board member, staff development trainer and middle school principal. Her first book, Crash Course: The Life Lessons My Students Taught Me, will be released by Simon and Schuster in July of 2014.

Bearden has received numerous awards for her creative and dynamic teaching styles. She was chosen from over 70,000 nominations to be honored as the Disney American Teacher Awards Outstanding Middle School Humanities Teacher. The Milken Family Foundation selected her as one of 155 teachers from across the nation to receive the Award for Excellence in Education, and she was the chosen from among 7000 teachers as Teacher of the Year in Cobb County, Georgia. A member of the Leadership Atlanta Class of 2008, she is also a former Finalist for Georgia Teacher of the Year and the Phenomenal Woman of Character Award. Women Works Media Group named her one of Georgia’s Most Powerful and Influential Women.

Known for her creativity, Bearden passionately teaches curriculum in innovative and inspiring ways. Her classrooms are often transformed into a beach, Mt. Olympus, a poetry coffeehouse or a mountain retreat. Her students have experienced thunderstorms, an Italian restaurant, a hospital emergency room, a colonial village, and life on a fictitious planet without ever leaving the classroom! She has held a Fashion Extravaganza to teach descriptive writing and has created Survivor tribal challenges and the All-Star Punctuation Bowl to teach grammar.

She often teaches concepts through songs, kinesthetic games, and unique teaching strategies that motivate even the most restless learners. Her students consistently score among the highest in the state on standardized tests. Most importantly, she has proven that the required curriculum can be taught in a way that reinforces academic rigor while making learning an adventure.

Kim Bearden has taught countless workshops to teachers on topics such as creativity, brain-based research, the Multiple Intelligences, authentic assessment, technology integration, and learning styles. Her speeches are interactive as well as informative, and she is able to draw from her abundant experiences to customize her presentations to the needs of varied audiences.

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Source: The Cycle

Kim Bearden: Best Selling Author, Co-founder at Ron Clark Academy, and National Teacher Hall of Fame; Organization Culture / Climate and Communication Specialist

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