Joe Abraham | Founder of BOSI Global, Author of Entrepreneurial DNA and Keynote Speaker

Joe Abraham

Founder of BOSI Global, Author of Entrepreneurial DNA and Keynote Speaker

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Joe Abraham

A professional entrepreneur for the better of two decades, Joe has started up, grown and exited companies in technology, lead generation, and professional services. Since 2005 he has served as an award-winning advisor to early stage and late stage owner-operated companies.

In 2011 he authored Entrepreneurial DNA: The Breakthrough Discovery That Aligns Your Business to Your Unique Strengths (McGraw Hill).

Joe has been featured on FoxNews, CNN, NBC, CBS and numerous nationally syndicated radio shows on topics related to entrepreneurship and small business growth--and serves as an advisor to entrepreneurship programs domestically and around the world. He is also a keynote speaker on topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurial behavior and free enterprise.

Today he is operating and aggregating businesses in the youth sports & family entertainment space.

On the personal side, he married his college sweetheart, has two (fast) growing sons and loves Jesus. He enjoys the company of good friends--especially over a meal, despises fine dining, enjoys high-performance cars and still plays competitive soccer.

Joe Abraham
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Joe Abraham
Featured Keynote Programs

Harnessing Disruption
Lessons From The Worlds Best Innovators & Disruptors

1. Opening discussion with the people sitting around you
1. The icebreaker / LOL opportunity
2. What is a mega trend that is facing us (team, company, industry) that is calling for something disruptive or innovative to come in as a solution?

2. What disruption looks like at 40,000 feet.
1. It starts with problem(s) - cost, efficiency, waste, slowing down (we go through some examples/case studies)
2. It gets messy when “incumbent/establishment” feels threatened (e.g. taxi operators and Uber)
3. Only the best solutions survive and thrive (most innovation fails because we fail to truly understand customer needs, wants, desires, frustrations). Time permitting, we do a customer positioning exercise and look at a couple of examples of how deep customer insight led to innovation in areas like revenue generation and product development

3. The traits of leaders who live for (and thrive in) disruptive and innovative times
1. Selfless Vision: A “why” that transcends personal accolades and even the most challenging circumstances.
2. Delusion-Free Role Clarity: Self-awareness and intellectual honesty keep smart people out of the Dunning Krueger Effect. Here we take a quick self-assessment and discuss each individual’s “entrepreneurial DNA”. Individual reflection or group discussion is had about how this entrepreneurial DNA impacts the building of the ideal SWAT/Innovation team.
3. Captivating Leadership: The ability to discern opportunities and challenges, design strategy and lead with courage. Here we talk about what engages the new workforce to follow a leader. Here we also discuss how to be captivating when leading “Up”. We study a framework called “TIPS” that helps leaders turn ideas into well thought out recommendations to present to senior leadership.
4. Rules of [Dis]Engagement: The discipline to measure, improve, pivot - and if needed walk away. Here we discuss why this is one of the most critical parts of the innovation framework - and what tends to get in the way.

4. Discussion time (if available)

5. Closing thoughts and Q&A

Is Your Go-To-Market Strategy Transactional Or Transformational?

Transactional brands like Best Buy and Target can only differentiate based on price and service. Transactional brands have to spend a significant portion of revenues acquiring new customers every day because there is little to no loyalty. Transformational brands like Lifetime Fitness differentiate themselves by improving the quality of someone's life in a measurable way—and creating emotional connections to the desired result. Can your business really choose between those two go-to-market strategies? The answer is yes. In this session, you'll learn how.

The BOSI Factor

How Your Entrepreneurial DNA Works For and Against You In Business…and In Life

For centuries business owners have been operating from a flawed assumption that is costing them revenue and profits. The mindset has been—what worked for one business owner will work for every business owner—because after all, all business owners are the same.

Yet in every business owner community (or association) exists a wide range of owners—some who build highly scalable, multi-location enterprises and others who struggle to keep location 1 thriving. Some find sales and marketing as easy as flipping on a light switch. Others find it harder than pushing a bowling ball through a garden hose.

Based on his multi-year study with over 1,000 company owners, Joe created the BOSI Methodology, a behavior quadrant that segments business owners by pre-wired decision-making approaches, risk tolerances and execution style. The BOSI methodology helps business owners discover their pre-wired traits and learn best practices for growing their business so they align with their "DNA". BOSI has been adopted globally into universities, MBA programs, small businesses and the Fortune 500. This program will provide your participants with rich insight into themselves, the strategy best suited for them, and the traits of the people they need to surround themselves with. The result is higher owner satisfaction and stronger growth.

Participants will learn:

• Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator: the 4 Entrepreneurial DNA's—and which of these DNAs are driving their decisions today
• The strengths and weaknesses that come pre-wired into each DNA and how those decisions have helped and hurt their business already
• How to design the ultimate team: the optimal DNAs for sales, marketing, finance and operations and how to identify a current or future employee's entrepreneurial DNA
• How to position a company for growth in a way that aligns with the DNA of the owner and team.

The #1 need in every business on earth is new business. But how does one build an engine for scalable and sustainable marketing and sales?

Having built multiple high-growth companies of his own with over 100,000 customers acquired under his watch, Joe has a unique perspective on how to build sustainable marketing and sales engines. In this session he'll take business owners through a step-by-step methodology on how to design and deploy a growth system. This is the same methodology his staff uses at BOSI Global to grow companies in the portfolio. The BOSI methodology includes the understanding of Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator—the 4 Entrepreneurial DNAs—and how to use them when targeting prospects and converting them into customers and evangelists.

Participants will learn:

• The brand positioning exercise: 5 powerful questions to work through that lay the foundation for any growth strategy
• The simple but highly effective secret to (finally) identify the company's target. The correct answer to this question alone will save attendees tens of thousands of dollars in wasted marketing expense
• Defining the company's value proposition through the lens of the target audience
• How to decode a prospect's "entrepreneurial DNA" and build marketing and sales process to meet each DNA's unique buying behavior

For event organizers who want to get the greatest value from Joe's work, consider "The BOSI Factor" as a keynote in a general session and "Breaking Out Of The Growth Plateau" as a 90-180 minute breakout session thereafter.

Joe Abraham
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Joe Abraham

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