Amb. James K. Glassman | Executive Director of The George W. Bush Institute and Expert on Issues Involving Economics, Technology and Financial Markets

Amb. James K. Glassman

Executive Director of The George W. Bush Institute and Expert on Issues Involving Economics, Technology and Financial Markets

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Amb. James K. Glassman

Ambassador Glassman's career spans politics, technology, media, economics, diplomacy, business, and academia. Drawing on his knowledge of all these areas, he generally speaks on "What's Ahead for the Economy and Politics."

Because of his background as moderator of three TV programs, he is a gifted on-stage interviewer. His interview subjects have ranged the Dalai Lama to Silicon Valley's Peter Thiel to the CEO of Credit Suisse.

Ambassador Glassman served as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs from 2008-09, leading the government-wide strategic communications effort. During 2007-08, he was Chairman of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees Voice of America and other government-sponsored TV, radio, and Internet broadcasting. He was confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate for both his government positions.

Since 1996, he has been a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where he specializes in Internet policy. From 2009 to 2013, he served as the Founding Executive Director of the George W. Bush Institute, the policy arm of the Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. He recently ended a three-year term as a member of the Investor Advisory Committee of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ambassador Glassman has had a long career in media. He was host of three weekly public-affairs programs - one on CNN ("Capital Gang Sunday") and two on PBS. He was Editor-in-chief and co-owner of Roll Call, President of the Atlantic Monthly, Publisher of the New Republic, Executive Vice President of U.S.News & World Report, and chief investment writer for the Washington Post.

He is currently chairman of Glassman Advisory, a Washington public-affairs consulting firm.

Over the past 15 years, he has written more than 2,000 articles - on economics, finance, technology, and foreign policy -- for such publications as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, and Los Angeles Times. He is the author of three books on investing and has spoken at some of the world's most important forums, including the National Press Club (Washington), the Detroit Economic Club, and Chatham House (London).

Ambassador Glassman is a graduate of Harvard University with a B.A., cum laude, in government and was managing editor of the university daily, The Crimson.

Amb. James K. Glassman
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Current: A Conversation with James Glassman

Time 26:30

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A Conversation with James Glassman
Time 26:30
Public Diplomacy in the Twenty-First Century
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Amb. James K. Glassman
Featured Keynote Programs

Safety Net
The Strategy for De-Risking Your Investments in a Time of Turbulence

How can you construct a financial investment strategy to protect yourself during these turbulent times…yet still get the growth you need to ensure a solid financial future and comfortable retirement?

By building an investing safety net that gives you the gains (though more modest than those of past years) and protection against the downside. When turbulence strikes again — and it will! — you won’t re-live the financial nightmares of recent years when portfolios and 401Ks were devastated.

Jim Glassman provides the specifics you need for shrewd asset allocation:
Reduce stock ownership. For those stocks you do own, ensure they meet the right criteria.

The Secret Code of the Superior Investor

We live in a world of increasing uncertainty, but by practicing the principles of The Secret Code of the Superior Investor day-in and day-out for years on end, your future will indeed be superior

How to Get People to Do What You Want

Drawing on his time as the top communications official at the State Department, his years as a newspaper and magazine editor and writer, and his experience as host of three public affairs shows on television, Ambassador James Glassman shares the secret of how to change minds.

Persuasion is the business ALL of us are in. We are always selling, convincing, trying to change the minds of others. James Glassman’s presentation refutes the widespread notion that the best rational arguments prevail. Instead, he shows that people make their decisions mainly on the basis of intuition – an initial, automatic, unthinking response. And he shows how to get those responses to work for you. He shares stories, movie clips, and quotes that leave audiences learning something new that they can apply to their business and personal lives.

Unfinished Business
The Intersection of Politics, Policy, and the Economy

James Glassman discusses how Congress’ “kicking the can down the road” strategy (in terms of dealing with potential budget cuts, reduced spending, and tax increases) will ultimately affect the American economy. With the self-evident viewpoint that this strategy is not sustainable, he explains how and when this business will have to come to a head and what the protraction means for the American public now and in the future. He also details his ideas for fixing both the economy and this political process of avoidance.

Amb. James K. Glassman
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Amb. James K. Glassman

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