Mastering the Art of Advocacy with Former Trial Attorney Heather Hansen

Former trial attorney Heather Hansen shared her fascinating journey from defending doctors in medical malpractice cases to becoming a sought-after keynote speaker and business advisor. With over 20 years of courtroom experience, Heather has honed her skills in advocacy, which she now applies to help professionals across various industries to build belief in their leadership, products, and themselves.

Heather explains that being a trial attorney involves more than just arguing cases; it requires mastering the art of advocacy, which she defines as building belief through a well-crafted presentation of evidence and storytelling. Her approach in the courtroom was to make her voice heard in a unique way, often being one of the few female attorneys present. This experience gave her a distinct advantage, as her different approach and voice would capture the jury's attention, helping her make compelling arguments.

Transitioning from law to speaking, Heather brings the same principles of advocacy to her workshops and presentations, focusing on how professionals can effectively persuade and influence their audiences. Whether it's for sales, customer service, or leadership, Heather emphasizes the importance of asking the right questions to build connections and gather insights. This approach helps professionals understand and address their audiences' needs more effectively, turning simple interactions into powerful opportunities for advocacy.

One of Heather's key messages is the distinction between storytelling and advocacy. While storytelling is crucial for engaging an audience, advocacy involves using stories to change perspectives and motivate action. Heather enhances her storytelling by integrating evidence and empathy, making her narratives not only engaging but also transformative. She teaches that effective advocacy is about knowing your audience and tailoring your message to resonate with their expectations and values.

Heather Hansen's transition from the courtroom to the public speaking circuit illustrates the power of effective communication and advocacy. Her journey is a testament to the versatility of these skills and their importance across all professional fields. By sharing her expertise, Heather not only inspires her audiences but also equips them with the tools to advocate successfully for their own causes, ensuring their messages are not just heard but are influential.

Heather Hansen: Award Winning Trial Attorney and Best Selling Author Teaching the Tools to Win Sales, Attention, Loyalty and Engagement.

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