Eric Sheninger | Nationally Recognized Digital Leadership and Learning expert, CDE Top 30 award recipient (2014), Education Contributor on Huffington Post, Co-creator of the Edscape Conference

Eric Sheninger

Nationally Recognized Digital Leadership and Learning expert, CDE Top 30 award recipient (2014), Education Contributor on Huffington Post, Co-creator of the Edscape Conference

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Eric Sheninger

Eric works with schools throughout the world, helping educators meet and exceed their potential to improve outcomes for learners. He is the founder and CEO of Aspire Change EDU, a collaborative consultancy designed to provide personalized support to all educational systems. Prior to this, he was a teacher and the award-winning Principal at New Milford High School. Under his leadership, his school became a globally recognized model for innovative practices. Eric oversaw the successful implementation of several sustainable change initiatives that radically transformed the learning culture at his school while increasing achievement.

His work focuses on innovative and practical ways educators can transform teaching, learning, and leadership. Through his work with thousands of schools, Eric has emerged as an innovative leader, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker. His main focus is using research and evidence-based practices to empower learners and educators. Eric has received numerous awards and acknowledgments for his work. He is a CDE Top 30 award recipient, Bammy Award winner, NASSP Digital Principal Award winner, PDK Emerging Leader Award recipient, winner of Learning Forward’s Excellence in Professional Practice Award, Google Certified Innovator, Adobe Education Leader, and ASCD 2011 Conference Scholar. He has authored and co-authored seven books, contributed to education for the Huffington Post, sits on the advisory board for many innovative companies, and was named to the NSBA “20 to Watch” list in 2010 for technology leadership. TIME Magazine also identified Eric as having one of the 140 Best Twitter Feeds in 2014.

He now presents and speaks globally to assist other school leaders and educators in transforming teaching, learning, and leadership. His blog, A Principal’s Reflections, was selected as Best School Administrator Blog in 2013 and 2011 by Edublogs. It was also recognized with an Editor’s Choice Content Award in 2014 by Smartbrief Education.

Eric Sheninger
Featured Videos

Current: TEDx Burnsville ED: Schools that work for kids

Time 15:19

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TEDx Burnsville ED: Schools that work for kids
Time 15:19
Eric Sheninger - Digital Leadership
Time 16:39
Eric Sheninger: Social Media and Students
Time 18:06
Digital Leadership Changing Paradigms for Changing Times
Time 33:36

Eric Sheninger
Featured Keynote Programs

Bringing Awe to Learning

Awe is a huge component of life—it’s hardwired into our brains. When we experience the sensation of awe, we are consumed by wonder, relevancy, emotion, engagement, inspiration, and real-world connections. Awe is a driving force for learning that will not just benefit our students now but also well into their future. It is also a driving motivational force that inspires educators to not only do their best work, but also find greater purpose. It's time for everyone to experience the joy and power of awe as a catalyst for personalized learning as a way to improve outcomes and educator contentment . During this keynote, Eric will share innovative, research-based practices that you can implement to bring back a sense of awe to learning and love for the amazing work educators do for students. 

Digital Leadership
Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

(Keynote, Workshop, or Breakout Session)

The educational landscape is changing as a result of continuous advances in technology and a changing learner. As a result, educators must recognize this shift, anticipate needed changes, and lead by example in order to meet the diverse needs of key stakeholders in the 21st Century. Attendees will learn how to harness the power of digital tools and social media accessible today to improve communications, enhance public relations, establish a brand presence, increase student engagement, transform learning spaces, discover opportunity, and grow professionally like never before.

Pedagogical Leadership
Seeing the Bigger Picture

Instruction is what the teacher does, whereas learning is what the student does. Here is where a sole emphasis on instructional leadership might not lead to efficacy at scale. Pedagogical leadership, on the other hand, encompasses the many ways to support effective teaching and learning. The main differentiator here is a broader view that includes more attention to what the learner is doing and the support needed for success. During this immersive session, attendees will focus on strategies as well as numerous responsibilities and roles that work to ensure a vibrant learning culture that helps to meet the needs of all students.

Efficacy-Based Leadership
Moving from Ideas to Results

Our country spends billions of dollars on programs, professional learning, innovative ideas and technology. Additionally, a great deal of time is spent trying to implement everything that has been purchased or heard about as well as empower staff.  How do you know that these investments are actually having an impact on learning and achievement? While it is natural to struggle with this, the end goal should be to achieve efficacy. This session will focus on developing evidence to support a Return on Learning (ROL) when investments are made to improve outcomes. Attendees will be exposed to a variety of proven strategies to not only improve pedagogy, but to also curate various forms of evidence to validate expenditures and garner stakeholder support.

Eric Sheninger
Featured Books

Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times by Eric Sheninger

Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

by Eric Sheninger
Learning Transformedby Eric Sheninger

Learning Transformed

by Eric Sheninger
Uncommon Learningby Eric Sheninger

Uncommon Learning

by Eric Sheninger
Brandedby Eric Sheninger


by Eric Sheninger

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