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The Drum Cafe offers an unforgettable interactive experience. We use group drumming to support teamwork and communication in the corporate community. Our clients find our format powerful and useful as a business tool.

At the opening of Microsoft Corp.'s 11th Annual Tech*Ed Europe conference in Amsterdam, over 5,000 software developers and IT professionals joined in what is believed to be the largest drum session ever staged under one roof. The Drum Cafe led the group through a session of powerful drum rhythms, culminating in a roof-raising finale. "We wanted to incorporate an activity that would create a feeling of community," said Dave Sorsoli, event manager for Microsoft. "The sound of everyone drumming together was phenomenal, and the atmosphere in the hall was electric."

Group drumming is possibly the oldest form of teambuilding. For thousands of years people have been using the drum for communication, preparation for battle and community celebration. A Drum Cafe session will help to break down barriers and push boundaries with a great unifying effect. It fosters cooperation and revitalizes the workforce. It is a metaphor for high performance teaming.

With a team of world-class drummers and a drum for each participant, a Drum Cafe facilitator skilfully conducts the group so that within minutes they are drumming together in perfect harmony. The effect of experiencing your company as a synchronized drumming orchestra is both moving and highly motivating for each participant.

Benefits of the Drum Cafe session

The playing fields are levelled - each person is as important as another.
Barriers of age, culture, gender, language and ability all disappear.
We learn to listen to each other.
We celebrate the individual within the whole and the whole as support for the individual as he/she innovates.
New skills are acquired and put into immediate practice in a safe environment.
This technique is cooperative rather than competitive.
The alpha state is activated, reducing stress while enhancing focus and clarity.
Delegates experience a sense of well being within high performance teaming.
Everything ties in to the bass beat - the ultimate vision or mission statement - as participants are guided to identify the centre and play as an orchestra.
Everybody gets back more energy than they put in.
Each participant leaves feeling invigorated, motivated and fully prepared to engage in the tasks ahead.

The Drum Cafe has been operating globally for twelve years and is now the world's largest interactive drumming company. With offices in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, South Africa and Australia, Drum Cafe works with a range of clients from blue-chip multi-nationals to private customers.

Drum Cafe kicked off the merger between JPMorgan Chase and Bank One. Mike Berkowitz, head of HR said "It really helped to create an environment amongst participants whereby they felt comfortable and open to exchange ideas during meetings that followed"

Drum Cafe joined Unilever to celebrate the rollout of their new logo. VP Fred Berkheimer remarked, " Your drumming session provided such enthusiasm and excitement! We noticed even some of our most non-participative members drumming with serious enthusiasm. Your drumming session brought unity, motivation, and a wonderful sense of togetherness to our meeting. It was our best conference thanks to your participation! Thanks to you and your group for our most memorable meeting ever."

Drum Cafe
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